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  1. escapesouth

    Can Tim Berners-Lee Do it Again?

    Interesting read on Tim Berners-Lee drive to reinvent the internet. What do you think?
  2. escapesouth

    DA and PA different with https than http

    Hi Today I was doing some kw research amongst other things and was checking one of my sites in kwfinder and noticed that my link count had dropped. What actually happened is that in the past when checking for backlinks on my site I was typing in http instead of https, today I typed in https...
  3. escapesouth

    Waybackmachine Content and Ranking

    Hi I just stumbled across an old expired domain, it has been expired for (9 months) it's a niche I am familiar with and it still has a few good authority backlinks that have not ben deindex from article directories web 2.0 etc. In the past, I have resurrected some old domains and rebuilt...
  4. escapesouth

    Amazon Sales no Comision

    Hi Not sure if this is the appropriate place to post this, tried on the Misc forum but would not let me, in any case a couple of months ago I began promoting some high end products for Amazon Mexico and recently my account shows a few sales but no commission on any of the purchased items, the...