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    Ahref report DR rank, it's weird

    Some thing is weird from ahref, my website is 4 months old, but ahref report DR 52. Is this true? DR 52, backlink 485, Refering domain 45
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    Redirect 301 from foreign site- Is it worth in SEO?

    Hi all, I had a foreign language site, 12 years old, DA 30 I now want to close and redirect 301 to english site (the same niche) Does it help ranking on my new english site? Thanks
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    Weird backlinks from Google

    I noticed some people created a hundred backlinks DR 90 from google. They just simply create the links as below and have google index. ........ Is this way considered white hat? Thanks
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    Backlinks from foreign language sites

    I had a dozen backlinks from foreign language sites which has ahrefs DR > 70. These sites are not related to my niche. I noticed my keyword position has been dropped from page 6 down to page 15. Is this a problem? Should I disavow these backlinks?
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    Google warning " Indexed, though blocked by robots.txt"

    Hello , I need your advise on this issue. I just created the website last month, using shopify platform. The robot.txt (can not modify) block google to access cart and checkouts. Foe some reason google indexed these two urls, I have to de-indexed these two urls, but this is just a temporary...