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  1. jock3r

    instagram algorithm question

    I had Situation 2 in the past you can't do much about it.
  2. jock3r

    BREAKING: Satoshi is moving his Bitcoins!!!

    it's surprising how easy is to manipulate the market
  3. jock3r

    What happened before and after previous bitcoin halvings

    There is always a reason!
  4. jock3r

    Journey from broke to earning online €2000/month

    yes, very restricting, especially if you have some experience in that field. As a beginner I think it might be easier to get accepted.
  5. jock3r

    What is the best place to invest money?

    Buy a bunch of good books
  6. jock3r

    New Instagram VIP Follower method? 45k in one day?

    from the "Followers Samples" it looks like legit fake followers :D
  7. jock3r

    Journey from broke to earning online €2000/month

    they are very careful and strict with accepting new members, you need to update your profile and try again
  8. jock3r

    HUGE Instagram Issue!

    take a break from this, give it a few days
  9. jock3r

    instagram followers as curreny

    1M Instagram followers don't say much, is gonna be more about the engagement and the quality of the followers
  10. jock3r

    Uber Eats Clone

    it depends what you mean by uber eats clone, this could be in some WordPress or some more solid infrastructure, but in the end, all depends on your budget.
  11. jock3r

    From explore page to viral

    yes this needs to be 100% engagement rate :)
  12. jock3r

    Instagram Growth Strategy with Child Accounts to Get Real, Engaging and Targeted Followers.

    do you still accept new customers? I'm interested
  13. jock3r

    1 Year+ Slowly grown HQ IG accounts

    I'm interested in nails and tattoo account, can you pm me the username?
  14. jock3r

    [TIPS] Increase engagement rate

    thanks for the answer, is there any way to do it without Jarvee or some other botting app?
  15. jock3r

    [TIPS] Increase engagement rate

    what's the best way for removing ghost followers?
  16. jock3r

    SMMPANEL.NET | iOS/Android installs provider | buy Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Twitter |Service

    i would like to try Organic Instagram Promotion
  17. jock3r

    Instagram's Asshole: Reveal It All - Ask Me Anything

    hey man, do you know how to appear on suggestions? when someone follows a similar account