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  1. olivier

    Get BTC to my EU bank account

    I have 11.00$ in my Exodus wallet. Must get it to my bank account (EU). Whats the fastest/cheapest way?
  2. olivier

    Is this good SEO Rating for website?

    Is this good ranking for site/blog? Can I do something good with it? Earn money somehow? How are the numbers? I see some errors, not sure what errors atm.
  3. olivier

    Credit Broker for LLC

    I got one idea from other DN board. I need a USA company examples (links) which provide an API for online stores for buyer to get small loan to pay for the item. Its hard to explain to me because english is not my native language. In EU its popular that if buyer finds something cool on...
  4. olivier

    reCaptcha and headless browser

    Im trying to fill up online form. Made a script using Node and JavaScript and running it node myscript.js. Im creating browser with HEAD show it shows me the actual stuff, so i can debug. Everything works until i get to captcha page Its a reCaptcha v2 or v3. Dunno exactly. It doesnt matter...
  5. olivier

    I own a specific domain but domain sites show it as available to buy?

    I own a specific domain. Its short and has expensive keywords. When i go to namecheap or other sites who check if domain is available, then they show that its available and "Domain xxxxxx is available! $49000.20 "Add to cart". Why? Domain is parked and i host some of my own private files...