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  1. smetch

    Advise on blog site - subdomain per niche or not?

    Looking for some advise for SEO purposes. Since the domain to be used is a bit generic, is it best to isolate each niche within a subdomain (since google treats a subdomain as its own entity) or structure each niche with their own specific categories you think within the same domain...
  2. smetch

    Clarifying a rule on BHW

    Guys, Had a question related to rules, but newbie sections don't allow posting for me, so excuse me for asking here. Where is the best place to ask? Mods if you can, feel free to move it over: The Q: if a url link to a URL/test path is allowed to get get feedback on a web layout design &...
  3. smetch

    Where to find affiliates to promote fiverr gig?

    Any ideas what network to join as an advertiser to find affiliates to promote a fiverr gig? If anyone has looked into this option, is there a way to track for performance, CPA/CPL as CPC wont be a viable option? If so, what's the setup as I am not sure if conversion can be tracked with fiverr...
  4. smetch

    Marketing ideas needed for Google Maps / GMB data

    Looking for ideas how to market to clients that need business listings extracted from Google Maps. Typical clients of such a service would be ones that need to gather leads, i.e all Plumbers in XYZ locations as an example. Such data will include website URL, phone, lat/lon, opening hours...
  5. smetch

    Paypal limiting US accounts asking for ID of account users

    Something that maybe helpful to some - hosting websites with Paypal merchant US accounts If you have a US Paypal business account and you have users added (limited roles or whatever) and those users are are not identified in some way or another, then Paypal will limit your account (not even...
  6. smetch

    Easier way to managing LXD nodes?

    Anyone here have any experience with some panel to manage LXD nodes and VMs within? Are there any worthy management tools for LXD's to take a look at and test?
  7. smetch

    Wordpress developer with >7 years PHP experience

    Have a project that requires to create backend workflows (pre-processing) and plan to do it in WP. Anyone have any good contacts of such developers as it surely can not be done unless they have a good solid experience with php and a good understanding of WP. This is for a PoC project to get it...
  8. smetch

    Experience with fineproxy?

    Anyone have any experience with fine proxy provider as they claim 1000 USA IP's but most fail to be 100% US based when tested against google?