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  1. warriorsam53

    [Journey] My Programmatic SEO Journey - ❌ Keyword Research | ❌ Links | ✅ Automated Content

    A few months ago, I started reading and learning about Programmatic SEO. I find it pretty interesting and not many people on BHW are talking about it. So here's my journey thread about pSEO. For this journey, I'm going to set up 5-6 sites in different niches. Site 1: I started Site 1 on the...
  2. warriorsam53

    Any ideas for homepage designs with a ton of links?

    Have you guys seen any good examples of homepage designs with lots of links? I need to link about 100-200 pages from my homepage but I can't seem to find any decent examples.
  3. warriorsam53

    [HAF] Looking for someone who can speed up a WP site with 100,000 posts

    Like the title says, I’m looking for someone who has experience speeding up a WP site with a lot of posts. I have a site with 100,000 posts in the database. It’s hosted on a VPS with 2G RAM and 2 Cores. I’m having a problem with the server response time. The rest of the metrics are okay. I’ve...
  4. warriorsam53

    [Journey] Building An Authority Website Using PAA - No Keyword Research - No Link Building

    I've been meaning to try something out for a while but haven't gotten around to it. Because keyword research is the most difficult aspect of ranking without links, I wanted to develop a way that didn't require a lot of effort. The PAA part of the SERP, in my opinion, is the best place to...
  5. warriorsam53

    [Journey] Trying out Income School's "$0 to $4,000 per month in 1 year" strategy

    I came across this video a week ago and found it interesting. In my experience, it's really hard to get a site to $4000 a month within a year. But I've never tried out this strategy so I don't know. I'm going to give it a shot and share the results here. I bought an expired domain in Feb...
  6. warriorsam53

    [Journey] Ranking A Site That Uses AI Generated Content

    A lot of AI content generation tools have been popping up recently. I was wondering whether the content will be able to rank so I thought of trying it out and making a journey out of it. So, I found a no competition niche. I generally try and get snippets on Google so this niche should be...
  7. warriorsam53

    [Beginner Guide] FREE Authority Site Course (Step By Step) - Stop Wasting Money on Courses

    The other day, I saw a thread where someone was asking whether some course is worth 3000 bucks. With 3 grand, you can make a site with 75-100,000 words of high quality content so I can't imagine wasting that on some course. So, I've complied a step by step course using FREE YouTube videos for...
  8. warriorsam53

    [GIVEAWAY] FREE Answer The Public Reports

    If you use Answer The Public, you know that you’re restricted to only 2 searches per day. That’s not really enough if you’re doing keyword research for a project. If you need more reports, send me your seed keywords here in the thread or by PM and I’ll send you the reports.
  9. warriorsam53

    BLACK HAT Project24 Journey | 3000 Page-views in 12 Months For Under $100

    It’s been a few years since my 2 previous journeys/case studies where I successfully ranked an Amazon Affiliate site for under 300 bucks and a CPA site on page 1 for under 100 bucks. Now I’m back with a new journey and we’re going to follow the Income School philosophy to get 3000 page views...
  10. warriorsam53

    Looking for a VA who speaks French

    Hey! I’m looking for a VA who speaks French. PM me if you you’re fluent in French.
  11. warriorsam53

    [Giveaway] Adult Subreddits Without Mods You Can Take Over

    I have a few adult subreddits (with 500+ members) that don't have mods. I don't need them. You can easily apply to be a mod for these subs if you meet the requirements. The information about how to apply to become a mod is easily available on Reddit so I'm not going to help with that. I'll...
  12. warriorsam53

    [GIVEAWAY] 10 CORA Reports

    PM me your keyword and country and I'll send you a CORA report. It takes time to generate the report so I can only offer this to 10 people as of now. This giveaway is for people who know what CORA is and how to use it. If you're not sure how to use it, please don't request for this giveaway.
  13. warriorsam53

    [GIVEAWAY] 10 PageOptimizer Pro Reports

    I'll send you a PageOptimizer Pro report for your keyword/page. PM me your keyword, URL and a list of competitor URLs in the top 30. If you don't know how to find your competitor URLs for POP, watch this video: I'll run your report and send you a link as soon as it's ready. It takes time to...
  14. warriorsam53

    [Journey] Ranking an Amazon Affiliate Site for $300

    A few months ago, I ranked a CPA site in the gaming niche for less than 100 bucks. I didn't make any money on that site because I had a content locker and nobody was really filling out the the surveys to get their downloads. That site is still on page one at #9 for the main keyword and #11 for...
  15. warriorsam53

    [Method] Getting Niche Relevant Infographics For Free

    If you don't have a lot of time to read through the entire post, this is the expired article method with a twist so you can find infographics. is one of the biggest and most popular sites for infographics. Since infographics are so popular these days, a lot of people who create...
  16. warriorsam53

    [Case Study] Ranking a CPA website with only $100

    As an experiment, I want to see if it's possible to build and rank a website for $100. Here's how I'm planning to do it. Keyword: I've already found a keyword in the anime/gaming niche and it has virtually no competition. The first page just has a few download sites and forum posts. It's...
  17. warriorsam53

    Best way to combine 3 websites into 1?

    Does anyone have any experience in combining the content for multiple websites into a single website with a minimal impact on rankings? I have 3 websites in the travel niche. They all cater to different sub-niches in travel. All the sites rank well on Google for several keywords and have 100+...
  18. warriorsam53

    I'm looking for someone to register domains

    Is there anyone who can register a couple of expired domains for me?
  19. warriorsam53

    [Giveaway] Backlink on a Newspaper Website (DA 27)

    I have a website that was earlier used as a University Newspaper. DA 27. TF 12 It has backlinks from these websites :
  20. warriorsam53

    Find hundreds of expired domains in 5 minutes for 5 bucks

    I stumbled upon this method while I was checking out the backlink profile of some domains on AHREFS. I found and registered 4 really good domains in a couple of hours. I?m sure the method is already out there but I couldn?t find it on Google or BHW. Sorry if it?s already been posted before...