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  1. Ita-user

    I Need Help to complete a Project (Please, Help me)...

    Good Day to this gorgeous community. I am a rookie webdesigner and I need some help from one more expert than me. I try to Explain: I have one client that hired me for a good project. This website, is about booking boat trips and private tours - in Venice Italy (where i live). I am only...
  2. Ita-user

    Does it Exist a Software or On-Line Website-Software that automatically create Videos from Music for Free?

    Good day to this gorgeous community. I own a music chanel, and sometimes, it is very time spending to make videos that fit to my music... I have researched a lot....but all the time, they are Expensive AI and I need a software that is able to automatically create video even from music >3...
  3. Ita-user

    Did Youtube Algo abbandoned my chanel?

    Good day to all this Gorgeous Community, I am a newbie and I will appreciate who can help me... About 2 weeks ago, I created a (No Copyrighted) music Chanel on Youtube... and till 3 days ago (no backlinks, no nothing - only uploading about 60 videos)..., I was having about 70-80 visit every...
  4. Ita-user

    Method to Mix famous music for avoiding Copyright Claim?

    Good Day to all this beautiful Community! I started a new Music YouTube chanel... And immediately i touched the firsts "soft " Copyright claims ( I can let them there without strikes and monetization ( i know brand new chanel cannot monetize...). My question is: How to remix them to make...
  5. Ita-user

    How to elude " Somehow " YouTube Algo for Copyright Claims?

    Good Day to this splendid community and Good Sunday Time. I have one query, that I am not able to figure Out for now... Is possible to let sleep in peace the YouTube Algo? I Eplain in detail: I am starting and running a House-Deep-House music Chanel ( in a short time, I will have 2 Real...
  6. Ita-user

    What is the Perfect way for create and have success with YouTube Shorts Algo?

    Good Day to this Beautiful Community! As to aspire to have great success ( in concrete impressions and personal YouTube Chanel visits)... Does exist some "tricks" Somebody here know in detail? For Example: - Best title lengh -Best description lengh - Is better to include some hashtas in...
  7. Ita-user

    How to Blast E-Mail With Marketing Intentions and without Spamming?

    Goog day to all This Beautiful BHW Community! I am searching one guide here (or suggestions) on HOW to create a good E-Mail Blast without having negative Impact on the website Domain. How can this be Done Correctly? 1) I Should create some kind of temporary E-mail Profile (Which ONE is the...
  8. Ita-user

    Where can be founded a big (Free) Library of Chill Out Music on the web?

    Dear community, good Day. I am searching for a Brand New Chill Out Chanel Project, as to start, a place on the web where I can find ( copyright Free) Chill House Musica Track ( >1:30 minutes)... As to start ( before hiring my DJ friend for this thing...) Somebody here know whereI can find...
  9. Ita-user

    Any Good Website for Downloading FREE Chill Out (Long) Musics?

    Good Day to all This Beautiful community! Greetings From Italy! I Would like to Ask to the Experts Here: Is there any Website ( or link/hosting share) where I can find Long Chill Out Musics? I would like to try to Create a Youtube Chill Out Chanel. Thanks for Your Help :)
  10. Ita-user

    Is here on BHW a Really Detailed and Recent Free Backlink List to start a Very Good Link Building?

    Good day to all this Beautiful Community! I have navigate this very resourced website, and I have founded some posts about linkbuilding and have used them. But I have See, they report almost the same websites to build link. Has somebody here (or there are posts), of a Recent List to use as...
  11. Ita-user

    Did anybody notice a significant Drop of Impressions during those last 4 days on Google Search Console?

    Good day to all The Splendid BHW Community. And good Eastern Time... I would like to ask if some of you are having significant drop in Google Search Console impressions during those last 4 days ( i was daily 1400 - then as now 850)... And I cannot understand Why this is...
  12. Ita-user

    Good Day to All This Beautiful Community. Can Someone Help Me with some informations about Youtube Editing?

    Buona giornata a questa community Beautiful Friendly che seguo (in modo silenzioso) da circa 5 anni oggi. Vorrei, se possibile, chiedere aiuto e informazioni sull'editing su YouTube (sono estremamente nuovo in questo argomento, ma sto passando a creare un "Momenti di VideoGaming" YouTube...
  13. Ita-user

    New Bie Here. Greetings from Italy!

    I am an italian guy that follow this wonderful forum from about 3 years. But only today I finally decided to subscribe. You are the Best! Thank to all the Community!