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  1. mainceaft

    What is best method to get Legitimate traffic, except G and FB etc...

    Hello all, I'm trying to promote brand to my new websites, some of them can't be accepted by G ads, due to DMCA issues etc. What is other Ads platform I could, I use, that bring me global traffic without getting scammed with bots etc.? Does chumbox ads worth it
  2. mainceaft

    Does G have ranking delay algorithm.

    While I was surfing Ahref analyzing one of my competitive BLs, I found some of his BLs are dated back to 2019, The niche I competed on is kinda wide and too competitive, everyone trying to dominate it no matter how. So if I become patient and wait for my site ranking after e.g. year or too, is...
  3. mainceaft

    I got a lot of G cache bots visits, with no indexing, is that good or bad sign?

    Hi, couple days ago I created g Ad campaign for my SERP dead websites, that campaign went kinda well and visitors quality were good. But with these traffic I notice after I publish any article in couple minutes G cache bots visit it from multiple location (different ISPs around the world) yeah...
  4. mainceaft

    Why G Ads campaign didn't work for me?

    Hi all, This is not the first time, and I don't expect it to be the last. Every time I create Ads campaign on G Ads, I end p wasting my money, I'm targeting special niche (selling a service) to specified audience/region, and Every single time, visitors are entering the site and exit from the...
  5. mainceaft

    I got new SEO offer and I kinda like it should use it on my idle old domains or buy new ones?

    Hi everyone, I have this habit for years buying couple domains write some articles on them and leave them like they are for a year or so, Today while I send couple request to SEO provider and two of them give me kind good offer, but I'm kinda confusing what website should I buy BL for firs? My...
  6. mainceaft

    Where to get private SMS activation service

    I looked all around the web, all I found is premium monthly subscriptions ~$20 for single phone number which is a lot, considering I only need it to activate my SM account.
  7. mainceaft

    What some sites do, to prevent G treachery and stay in business.

    Hi everyone, this is something I thought about for long while since I got big slam from G years ago, and I never recover, In short, if you had popular ranking well websites, instead burn it out with Ads/AFF etc. and thinking this cash flow will continue forever. Why not use your website...
  8. mainceaft

    SEO tips 2022-2023

    Hello everyone and pardon for the Clickbait title, but for real I got sick of these SEO tutorial tip blogs, and so-called experts of the field… Let's get into the subject. About two months ago I start new website (video related site "non-adult") as a hobby I did not intended to give too much...
  9. mainceaft

    Tweet as it doesn't meet our advertising guidelines?

    This is first time I set up ads account after adding contacts details I press promote , one of my tweets I got this message. I admit since I was a kind noob in social media advertising I tried to promote another tweet before this which contains links to copyright materials, The first tweet...
  10. mainceaft

    Is creating new account will solve my ads account issue

    This is really frustrated me a lot, ~a year ago I did my last ad campaign in FB, I didn't use it ever since but about month ago I decide to give my account visit to promote my new service but I found out my account was restricted with this lovely message Anyway, I'm 100% there was no reason...
  11. mainceaft

    if I bought decent BL would my dead website SERP improved or start new one.

    Hi all, I have this wide niche I work on for years, I know every single details of it, and what are competitive KW's and what KW's theoretically should rank of even with free web 2.0 blog. Anyway, in recent years ( ~last 5 Yrs) , I notice G treat new websites that trying to rank on that niche...
  12. mainceaft

    Should I change my identity for Google product?

    In short, I had this feeling that G didn't treat webmaster accounts equal, Years ago I got MA on one of my money sites, and ever since I never ever get any of my new domain project to get any sort of ranking at all. I know G had this linked accounts policy, e.g. even if you have multiple Gmail...
  13. mainceaft

    Why fraud comes from certain countries, aside from their economic condition.

    Hi all, on my Fiverr account, recently many contact from people pretended to hire me to do to them certain job, I got many messages before from all around the world, most of the time either they change their mind before ordering, or found someone else they already contact to before, Last couple...
  14. mainceaft

    My new website is indexed but not ranked

    So about 4 months ago I bought new domain and decide to start from scratch, I already prepared long mid-easy competitive KS's list, and I start creating contents for it, I even hire writers. Surprise surprise, my website SERP weren't moving a bit in past months, nothing change at all, I never...
  15. mainceaft

    I'm starting web-hosting/web developing/design business, , what's kind of packages should I create.

    Hi, couple days ago I met with a guy who want to create Hosting/web-development business, as side work for his company, Since we are starting new, even that guy has his own connection inside the market, But we need to create suitable business model, beside web hosting (which is something...
  16. mainceaft

    What is less spammy domains name from your experience.

    I know many people saying that any domain name doesn't matter, but from experience all none .com domains I suffered a lot to get them ranked. I'm went in cheap budget from my new experience with different niche and I wnat to try my luck with none .com one so what's should I pickup first, .xyz...
  17. mainceaft

    What to do with new website

    Hi all, with all these G updates, I completely lost what strategy I should go for, it's ~ three months old new site I start write quality contents for it a month ago, I write an article almost every day, it was indexed in ~3 days, but last articles didn't index yes, since 5 days ago, I was only...
  18. mainceaft

    Is there is way to effictvily report these virus site the dominated the SERP recently

    Regarding all PS, G saying about contents being the king, when I search G for KW I compete at, are full of these `.ru` some '.eu' sites, it contents are 100% copied from other small blogs it owner are writing about that niche. In the past there were similar attack but targeting `adult` result...
  19. mainceaft

    Is it good or bad targetting same KW, with two articles in the same website ?

    Hi, one of my writers (and me) made mistake, and he wrote the same article already published again, with different contents of course, the first article were wrote 10 says ago and the new one I didn't publish it yet, I have never done this before, how G search engine will react in such situation ?
  20. mainceaft

    Simple question how these scame websites rankes so well in SERP

    Hi, I notice the issue of these scamming websites since years now, e.g. first they were appeared to me in .ir multiple domains later on .ru an lastly .it an .pl , in fact some of them ranking very well in SERP specially on my region/language. I want to ask what SEO strategy they use with their...