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  1. Pofecker


    I'm available today if anyone needs to chat with me. (no service/bst review requests). Skype / Facebook
  2. Pofecker

    CPA Pubs (Pofecker JV)

    I've been running an exclusive/private CPA network for awhile now and I'm looking to branch out a bit and take on a couple more verticals. Looking for a few reputable people to join up and work with me on expanding. Need pubs that are doing at least $1k/week in volume. I've been in the CPA...
  3. Pofecker

    New moderator - GoldenGlovez!!!!

    GoldenGlovez has been promoted to full moderator. Welcome to the staff and congratulations. :)
  4. Pofecker

    What would you do as an admin here at BHW?

    If you had the opportunity to become an administrator here at BlackHatWorld ~ what would you do/change to make the community better? I'm looking for opinions, suggestions, etc. :)
  5. Pofecker

    New Executive VIP Members!

    MrE & GoldenGlovez have both won the recent vote for Executive VIP. Congratulations guys!!!!
  6. Pofecker

    Warning - Rules before posting here

    2021 Updates Rules Thread Here: We're going to try out a new forum section here on BlackHatWorld that's dedicated to members that wish to offer something for free. (Freebies & Giveaways). It's of the utmost importance...
  7. Pofecker

    BHW Gun Owners - How many of you carry?

    Just curious about how many people here own firearms and actively carry them. What do you carry? Why do you carry? Ever had to draw or discharge your weapon? I myself carry a Springfield XD-9 and just started carrying a couple months ago. I hope to never have to use it other than at the...
  8. Pofecker

    Wanna become a BHW staff member???

    I've mentioned this 'tip' before and you can take it or leave it... If you're at all serious about becoming a staff member, then start hanging out on BHW's IRC network. We hire members off IRC about 90% of the time and I'll tell you why. It's real-time chatter and we can get to know you. It's...
  9. Pofecker

    My Journey Discussion Section

    Admin edit: New thread here: I've added this section for all the 'My Journey' and the 'Follow me as I make $xx/day' threads. Buying, Selling, Want to Buy and Joint Ventures aren't allowed here.
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    Retired Moderators (Give Thanks)

    We've recently had a some staff members retire and I'd like to personally thank them for their service and dedication to the community. They will all remain as Executive VIP's. Tonlilaz Cypionate Tymillz Wiredmom A couple of these staff members 'stepped down' awhile ago, but I'm...
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    Pofecker - Join me on Facebook!

    I've created a Facebook account just for my friends here on BHW. ;) If you feel friendly, add me! (see my sig for link).
  12. Pofecker

    NO Selling, Offering Your Services or WTB Threads Here

    Thread title says it all. Infractions and/or bans will be issued for offenders.
  13. Pofecker

    My New Toy (Thanks to BHW)

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU to BlackHatWorld for my 2000 Kawasaki ZX-12R. I don't buy many toys, but I enjoy riding now so I couldn't resist when I found it. The bike has a ton of ZX-14 parts including the forks, wheels, brakes, etc. It's a monster. I love it!
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    BigBuddy is now a Super Mod

    Bigbuddy has earned the promotion to super mod status. Congrats!
  15. Pofecker

    Q&A w/Pofecker

    Got some free time today and doing some Q&A on IRC. Click here to join
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    Rules Regarding CPA Networks

    Promoting CPA Networks is not allowed in this section. This is for discussion only. To promote your CPA(nything) you should post in the marketplace CPA networks that are advertised without prior approval will be...
  17. Pofecker

    Welcome to BlackHatWorld!

    Please enjoy your stay and feel free to introduce yourself here. :cool: After your introduction, I'd suggest reading over the forum rules again to avoid any unnecessary problems or misunderstandings. Edit: check out the Newbie Guide for more helpful advice...
  18. Pofecker

    Post Count Not Increasing?

    Posts in certain forums don't count reflect on your total post count. The sections are as follows: Introductions The Lounge The Shit List Feedback & Suggestions For Sale Want To Buy Downloads & Download Requests Edit: find an updated version of this in the Newbie...
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    Staff Applications

    If you're interested in becoming a staff member and feel you have something special to contribute, please fill out the following form. Staff Application
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    BlackHatWorld's Official IRC Network

    IRC now closed. We've opened BlackHatWorld's Official IRC Network and invite anyone that would like to chat to join in. We'll be opening a web client within the forum here to connect soon, but in the meantime... Go to : Click on the server link you see there, which will give...