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  1. sam55

    DR60-70 in 2-3 weeks in ahrefs.

    Do the increased DR last for a while or they decrease in a few weeks?
  2. sam55

    What is the best way to utilize OpenAI's GPT-3 writer to boost SEO?

    Yes. A Google representative came into my dream yesterday, grabbed my neck, slapped me a few times and threatened to delete my Gmail.
  3. sam55

    What's the most boring sport to watch?

    Fencing seems pretty boring to me. There are 2 swords and nobody gets hurt! I also used to hate Golf but now it's my favorite sport if you know what I mean
  4. sam55

    How to, deep web with Tor?

    The dark web links are mostly with (.onion) extension. Like we have .com or .net on the regular web. And all the links you will find in dark web directories with a short description about what to expect on that dark web page. You will not be able to access dark web by mistake because first...
  5. sam55

    Which name should I go with?

    Wise is a big company now. "Wise Agency" sounds like something to do with helping with money transfer using Wise. Will you use "Paypal Agency" or "Payoneer Agency"? NO. I will stay away from it. Wisdom is better. But you can also use "Wise" if you can find another word instead of Agency
  6. sam55

    How does Google differentiate between website type?

    You can tell Google what your website is about in your Meta description and also your "About Us" page on that website. If you're targeting image keywords, article length doesn't apply against the search query. Imagine someone searching "cute kittens HD" and some website posted a 5000 word...
  7. sam55

    SEO Porn (and another proof that content + outreach = crazy fast results)

    What kind of value did you offer them? Free articles, infographics, ebook or something else?
  8. sam55

    Elon just pointed a gun at Youtube

    Found the mom's basement dweller
  9. sam55

    Do web 2.0 links still work?

    Anywhere from $30 to $1000+ but you need to see if the domains are legit or not. You can check the marketplace section for an idea.
  10. sam55

    Wanting to change niche

    I will say don't change niche completely. Instead try from a different angle. Try changing offers, write differently in your posts, different types of content and see what works best. You already know a lot about your niche if your're making money now. If you change niche it will take 1-2 months...
  11. sam55

    Do web 2.0 links still work?

    They do work but it depends what you mean by "work" Do you expect a free link from a web 2 work as much as a $50/$100 guest post? Obviously not.
  12. sam55

    Elon just pointed a gun at Youtube

    Exactly. This creates more opportunities for us, the marketers. I don't know why anyone would hate the idea. Probably because they are not marketers at all? I wonder what these people think we are doing here in this forum. Silly kids :D Elon will not take over youtube anytime soon. But there...
  13. sam55

    Elon just pointed a gun at Youtube

    Not at all. Fools just need some good lessons. What are you? His mom?
  14. sam55

    Elon just pointed a gun at Youtube

    Elon musk lives rent free in your head. You need to focus on yourself rather than thinking about what the richest man on the planet doing with his money. There are many other more fortunate individuals born into this world. They had more opportunities than Elon. Yet he is the one doing all the...
  15. sam55

    Any idea about this website ?

    There are many scripts like this on GitHub. But I don't know of any WordPress plugin which is able to do this.
  16. sam55

    Any idea about this website ?

    As you answered yourself, this is a script that automatically creates pages based on keywords and populates with YouTube videos. You need to know how to work with YouTube API and custom scripts. Public scripts don't work that great.
  17. sam55

    Tumblr Also Selling ''Important Blue Internet Checkmarks'' Like Twitter

    Apparently, I missed the news and can't find anything about it on BHW. Just logged into my old tumblr and saw this. They are selling 2 checkmarks for $7.99. It seems to me they are making fun of the current twitter situation.
  18. sam55

    When Genius show off their math skill

    Average Elon haters are just like this.
  19. sam55

    What is Backlinks

    2 Do-follow GOV backlinks with tea after the breakfast every morning will make the fellow men respect you more and all the ladies in the town will instantly fall for you.