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  1. HenryHavoc

    Looking for someone to create a website bot for me

    Bot needs to: - Use spintax for two fields - Submit info to page - Upload random picture out of directory - Wait custom time - Go to next page and repeat Add me on skype: HenryPTR if you feel like you can do this and we can discuss pricing.
  2. HenryHavoc

    Redirect 404s to homepage or no?

    I bought a pretty nice expired domain. It's got a fair amount of backlinks pointing to non existent pages. I know ideally I could build out pages and copy the URL on the new site, but it's not the type of content that my readers would want to read. Should I redirect 404s to homepage in an...
  3. HenryHavoc

    What country should I visit next?

    My girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and I want to take her somewhere fun. Preferably between the months of December - February. So far, I've looked into Egypt, Dubai, Thailand, China, and Tokyo Any suggestions??
  4. HenryHavoc

    Upcoming chrome update with https and SEO implications

    So obviously google chrome will be showing a non secure label for standard http sites soon. I went ahead and got my whole site switched over to https, and I used a wordpress plugin to redirect all the http links to https. I now officially have the green seal on my site. I’ve read mixed things...
  5. HenryHavoc

    Sudden ranking drops after backlinks being built

    Hey guys. I'm confused as to what the fuck is going on with my rankings after building some links. First of all, I've been getting some links from premium PBN links along with some diversity links dripped in over the last 30 days, and all of a sudden I wake up two days ago and my traffic is...
  6. HenryHavoc

    [WTB] 5 Star Facebook Business Reviews

    Add my skype and give me your best price: HenryPTR No text needed in reviews. Ready to buy 50 right now and much more if you can scale.
  7. HenryHavoc

    Dynamic Text Replacement?

    Anyone using dynamic text in their landers? If so what are you using for software/services? All these hosted options seem expensive for what's essentially a few lines of PHP code.
  8. HenryHavoc

    Looking for a quick ebook cover

    Pay is $15. $20 if it looks good and is done in the next few hours. Send a PM if: - You can get it done today - You've done ebook covers in the past - You want to make an easy 15-20$ I need it done today. If you can't please do not PM. Thanks!
  9. HenryHavoc

    Best Crypto Aff Offers?

    Post em here. What's everyone doing for affiliate offers? Mainly I'm looking for an ICO to promote that pays out in USD, BTC, or ETH. Also looking for CPA offers, revshare, etc.
  10. HenryHavoc

    Sending PBN links to guest posts?

    Anyone using guest posts as buffers? The guest posts I get are typically the strongest links in my portfolio, and they're all ******** with either partial match or exact match anchors. I was thinking about blasting them with some PBN posts to give them a supercharge. Anyone do this? I figure...
  11. HenryHavoc

    How is your life going?

    Hey guys. I'm feeling grateful today. Just got word that a site I've built is valued around 50k. Hoping to sell it and buy a new car. Work is going well, I have a new site I just employed a full time writer for, and all my bills are paid this month. I miss my family this time of year - I'm...
  12. HenryHavoc

    Ranking Strategy for Huge Website (100k+ Posts)

    ((THIS IS A DISCUSSION NOT A GUIDE. I REALIZED AFTER I POSTED THAT THE TITLE OF THE POST MAKES IT APPEAR LIKE IT IS A GUIDE. I DID NOT MEAN TO BE CLICKBAITY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME)) As some of you guys know, I've been working on a powerhouse of a directory site with hundreds of thousands of...
  13. HenryHavoc

    Site hacked? How??

    Woke up this morning to my wordpress site compromised. Index file was changed and there was an added sitemap with 8000 links. Immediately changed the index file back to normal and deleted the sitemap. Now I'm getting a 503 error when I try to pull up the site. Can't access wp-admin panel. Whats...
  14. HenryHavoc

    Whats the biggest wordpress site you've ever successfully ran?

    I'm currently working on a pretty massive project that will be creating wordpress posts via CSV files with my own data and I will probably end up with over 500,000 posts. Possibly a million. I know wordpress has its limitations with how large a site you can build (mainly because every time a...
  15. HenryHavoc

    100% Automated Revenue Streams (Domain Typos)

    Sup guys. Back again. Was browsing some new CPA offers today on my aff panel and I found a pretty cool one that basically looks very similar to a popular free website that gets a lot of traffic. I don't want to give out the niche but this site that the CPA offer mimics gets around 30m hits a...
  16. HenryHavoc

    Posting reviews on

    If anyone can figure out how to beat their flag system, hit me up. I will either pay for reviews or pay someone who has a way to beat the filter to get reviews to stick. Don't message me if you don't know what you're doing.
  17. HenryHavoc

    PRO TIP if you're making money with an affiliate network

    Wish I would have done this a long time ago. If you're a good affiliate and have some time working under one network, you need to look around and find some similar affiliate offers to the one you're promoting. You'll most likely find the same offer paying out at a better rate on a different...
  18. HenryHavoc

    Need Reviews for Google Business Listing

    I need 20 reviews for a google business listing AND 20 reviews on another site. They can both use the same email. Add me on skype: HenryPTR and lets talk business. I need these as quick as possible and will pay a decent rate. Thanks.
  19. HenryHavoc

    Need a scraping job done

    I'm looking for someone to do a relatively easy, but large job for me. There is a directory I need scraped and saved as a spreadsheet. Basically the process is this: 1) Go to the site 2) Type in a ID number 3) Save the info (each listing has the same format but obviously with different...
  20. HenryHavoc

    Ranking a Big Authority site

    How are you guys ranking inner pages? I've had great success with ranking pages by hitting them with links, but it's hard to find a quality package on the marketplace that you can specify what keywords for which post. For example, if you have 5 pages called Cat, Dog, Dolphin, Pig, and Gorilla...