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  1. thevideoguy

    Elon Musk live demo of Neuralink (brain computer interface) is starting now

    110,000 people watching live: Should be interesting :)
  2. thevideoguy

    Microstrategy adopts Bitcoin as primary reserve asset - invests $250M USD (Buys 21K Bitcoin)

    The world’s largest publicly traded business intelligence company MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) has formally adopted Bitcoin (BTC) as its primary reserve asset. In a press release issued on Aug. 11, MicroStrategy confirmed it had purchased 21,454 BTC for $250 million. MicroStrategy: Move...
  3. thevideoguy

    2000+ Coca-Cola vending machines accepting crypto in Aus & NZ

    Vending machines operated by major Asia-Pacific soft-drink bottler and distributor Coca-Cola Amatil will now be accepting payments in crypto. The development follows a new deal with digital asset platform Centrapay announced on Monday. Coca-Cola Amatil’s network of 2,000-plus vending machines...
  4. thevideoguy

    COPPA V2 (KIDS Act)

    Ed Markey, the Democrat senator who wrote the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), has co-introduced a new bill that, if passed, would force platforms with users under the age of 16 to radically alter the way they operate. “As children and teens increasingly spend their time on...
  5. thevideoguy

    PayPal Cuts Ties With PornHub

    PayPal has banned PornHub; one of the worlds largest websites getting 2.8 billion visits per month, from using it's payment processing services. Good old ShitPal is graciously spreading equality around the globe, by fucking over not just the little guys but some of their largest clients...
  6. thevideoguy

    Hiring Someone To Get A Twitter Account Unbanned

    Hey guys, anyone here have a contact at Twitter, or a method to get an account unbanned? Ready to pay $$$$ for the service. Will only deal through an escrow service with funds released after account has been recovered. Please PM me if you can help! :)
  7. thevideoguy

    All Crypto's Exploded, Bitcoin Up 30% In 24 Hours!

    Cryptocurrency prices have exploded over the past 12 hours, with Bitcoin being up 30% for the day (briefly crossing the $10,000 mark). Lots of speculation on what caused this fast climb, but I found this. According to Forbes: "When the bitcoin price recovered a couple of hundred dollars per...
  8. thevideoguy

    YouTube's next algorithm update will weigh sidebar rank position to reduce 'implicit bias'

    Source (technologyreview): Here's the full paper from Google: How you can take advantage of this update: There aren't too many ways in which this kind of update can be...
  9. thevideoguy

    Ninja leaves Twitch for Mixer

    Ninja has 14.7 million follows on Twitch. He was just un-partnered as he leaves his contract on Twitch to sign an exclusive streaming deal with Microsoft's platform, Mixer: He already has 140,000 followers on there...
  10. thevideoguy

    YouTube channel grows from 0 to 1,000,000+ subscribers in 3 weeks (Jennelle Eliana)

    Have you guys seen this yet? They hit the YouTube recommendation algorithm lottery! First video seems to have been upload just a few weeks ago. It's currently at 4.8 million views. Their second video from a week ago is at 8.1 million...
  11. thevideoguy

    Hiring YouTube Video Creator

    Hey BHW users, We're looking to hire video creators who can provide videos suitable for the YouTube Partner Program. We're creating bulk monetized YouTube channels and need content to get them approved. Requirements are as follows: - Videos must follow YouTube's community guidelines...
  12. thevideoguy

    Hiring VA For SMM Research Task

    Hello BHW, Looking to hire someone for a short project (should be around 5 hours work). You'll be tasked with searching the web to find resellers and providors of YouTube services that meet certain requirements, then saving ur'ls/contact info/etc. to a Google doc. If interested in the job...
  13. thevideoguy

    YouTube Subscriber Purge: December 13-14 (Noticible Decrease In Sub Count Incoming)

    YouTube made an interesting announcement on Google productforums a few hours ago. They say they've detected a significant amount of spam accounts and will be purging them accordingly today/tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if they actually identify a noticable portion of spam subscribers or...
  14. thevideoguy

    [IMPORTANT] Click Through Rate Is An Underrated Video Ranking Factor

    Hey cunts, Just a reminder to the YouTube video marketers here (both new and experienced) - click through rate is an incredibly important ranking factor that you should make sure you aren't overlooking. It seems as though most of the discussions about ranking videos on YouTube and Google focus...