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  1. iamDeLaSoul

    Website and Pagespeed Insights score for SEO

    Hey, First of all I guess this should not be in this section. The forum needs separate web dev section. My question is: how much affection Pagespeed Insights score has on website SEO ratings? Should I consider it being one of the top priorities, or just keep an eye on it as a secondary thing...
  2. iamDeLaSoul

    Stuck with CPA. Need general ideas.

    Hello, I am scavenging through this forum for information but it has a lot and most of it is already outdated, so please don't yell at me for creating a new thread. I am kinda lost right now because nothing I tried worked so far. But I am refusing to give up, so I would love to hear your tips...
  3. iamDeLaSoul

    How to grow Instagram page from scratch?

    Hey, I am starting a new page from scratch. Can you tell me how people grow their profiles without original content? Do they follow/unfollow people automatically with software? Where they get the content to post? How to choose good keywords for the content? What other tips do you have?
  4. iamDeLaSoul

    CPA + Bing Ads. What offers to avoid?

    Hello, I am going to try out CPA + Bing Ads. I know plenty of people have Bing Ads experience, so I think it does not hurt to ask. What CPA offers gets you banned in Bing Ads? Do they allow Incentive offers? I am thinking about those with a prize, like Win an iPad for submit or similar. Also...
  5. iamDeLaSoul

    Free alternative to host a landing page?

    Hey, I am looking for a free hosting alternative. I have not decided what form of landing page it is gonna be yet, I might do it with wordpress cms. Opinions on hostinger? Or really cheap but working alternatives?
  6. iamDeLaSoul

    Any Skype groups of BHW related to affiliating?

    Hey everyone, I am just looking for a skype group of people who deals in affiliate stuff, CPA, PPC, PPD or any other affiliating methods. So if one exists, I would like to join. I could help out others and I could use some help with quick questions too, I have ~ 3 months experience, tried...
  7. iamDeLaSoul

    Grabbed a used domain - Rate Domain's Stats

    Hello, I grabbed an expired domain and I would like some opinions if it's worth the try to rank up. The stupid I am I did not check backlinks quality beforehand, so it seems that previous owner spammed a bit. OpenLinkProfiler found one bad link and I would try to disawov it if I try anything...
  8. iamDeLaSoul

    Starting CPA - Few Questions

    Hey everyone, I am willing to start promoting CPA offers since my PPC campaigns turned out to be a complete bust. I did some reading, used search button and I think I have general knowledge on how CPA works. But I still have a few questions. - Choosing CPA Network. I got accepted to AdWorkMedia...
  9. iamDeLaSoul

    My unsuccessful journey so far

    Hey, I decided to write my journey, I am not a regular poster here but I do read almost every thread and try to learn something new that I could use in online marketing. So, my online marketing journey started about three months ago and I dedicated all my time and energy to build my own blog and...
  10. iamDeLaSoul

    How to rank up single post?

    Hello, I am a bit lost and I would need some information. So what I need to do is to rank up my single blog post on big keyword. What should I do to rank up higher? My blog post is unique, good information, written by myself. Do I need to buy links? I don't really know any techniques to improve...
  11. iamDeLaSoul

    Bing Ads Creating New account, payment info

    Hey, So I am planning on creating a new account so I could active some coupons for new accounts only. And I used up 2 coupons on my old with real payment info and everything, so I won't risk entering a third one. So the questions is, how do you guys pass the payment info? I can't use my account...
  12. iamDeLaSoul

    Would buy Bing Ads 100$ coupon for old account, 3 eur

    Hey everybody, Sorry if my offer seems lowball, I am just flat broke now, all I have is 3 euros in my PayPal and I really need coupon to restart my ads. I've contacted some people on skype and I just don't have the money right now. So if you are willing to sell a coupon for old account, please...
  13. iamDeLaSoul

    Looking for mentor/help regarding PPC setup

    Hello, I am new here, sorry if I am posting in the wrong section. I could use some PPC advertising tips/mentoring. I am using Bing Ads at the moment, so the help would be reviewing my Landing Page, maybe some tips about the product I choose and some help to set up a correct ad because I have...