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  1. Teeto

    [Journey] $3000/ Month consistent Affiliate comissions

    I've been on here for a while. I always tell myself I'll open a journey thread when I start getting consistent results, well... it hasn't happened. Encouraged by Blooop's response here. I decided it makes sense to document my journey regardless if I succeed or fail, and I'm hoping this thread...
  2. Teeto

    Is this the best SEO guy right now?

    A part of me has always agreed to this since I came across one of his case studies some months back. He was interviewed by Matt Digidy on YT and some of the stuff he mentioned I heard for the first time. The only way you can knock his stuff is that most of his case studies are not done on...
  3. Teeto

    300k monthly Traffic with No Backlinks using Topical Authority...

    Came upon this some weeks back: If you prefer to read go here:
  4. Teeto

    Have you seen the Google's Search Quality Evaluation Guideline???

    I found this reading about MUM, heard it's the mother of AI. You can find it here: Quite long though but I find this interesting. So...
  5. Teeto

    [HAF] I Need a Writer.

    I need someone with experience writing about supplements (show samples). And also send quote for 10,000 words and delivery timeline, as that will help my decision making. Thank you.
  6. Teeto

    Fuck no! FTC fines this guy $2.5mill for selling fake followers

    Never knew it was illegal until this Looks like lots of guys around here are in the same boat as this guy.
  7. Teeto

    [JV] Your Clickbank Account: My 10% earnings...

    Just as the title says. You should be from a Clickbank approved country with a valid means of ID from that country to tender in case any issue arise. Not from a W-9 country or any other one that you have to insert your tax id on Clickbank. You get your 10% through Paypal every 30 days...
  8. Teeto

    How do you manage you Revenue, Expenses and Profit?

    *How do you Keep track....* I searched for excel sheet templates on google for this and I couldn't find any I could use. Don't know how to make one, so I figured someone on here might have something they are already using or some other similar tool. Kindly share. Thanks.
  9. Teeto

    Suggesting a New Journey Thread Rule!

    There are way too many abandoned Journey threads on here. Some of them you would actually be rooting for and cheering them on: they would suddenly quit on you without a single word . Even if shit happened and you can't reach your goal again (although I would suggest you "quit yourself like men"...
  10. Teeto

    How to Learn Any New Skill fast by Reverse Engineering!!!

    Warning: This is not for the Lazy!!! So I wrote about how I was kicked out of Clickbank here ,and I'm still trying to restore my means of income as it was all I got, it just occurred to me to share something on here that could be of help to someone out there. Here goes: I was a big fan of...
  11. Teeto

    Fuck No!!! $50/week Clickbank account gone!

    :weep::weep::weep::weep::weep: Apparently they don't accept affs from my country Nigeria. Fuck, what did we do for crying out loud! I just began gathering momentum after my YouTube account got demonitized which I whined about here Never knew they don't accept affs from my country. Had the...
  12. Teeto

    I need your Advice: What should I do with this Aff website?

    Sometimes you reach a dead end and wonder where to turn to, then I recall there are bigger and more experienced people on this forum so I hope to find a way out of my tight spot. Been working on this website for awhile now, in the health niche, I could easy promote offers from Clickbank or...