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  1. infoasian

    Wanted: Curator WP Plugin for Instagram

    I am not sure if this is the right place to post this. I am certain it already exists because I see a lot of sites using feeds from multiple sources on Instagram already, but all the plugins I could find will only allow you to post content from your own Instagram name. Makes me a bit confused...
  2. infoasian

    When is a thread old or inactive?

    I am often searching forums for a specific topic and sometimes the threads are older, but the only ones available on a particular thing. In fact I find them engaging and post a reply. Sometimes they are 3 months old, sometimes 3 years or older. Anyhow, it seems board moderators here and on other...
  3. infoasian

    Any good Crypto Affiliate Programs?

    What are good ways of making money with crypto affiliate programs? Are exchanges the only ones paying good money? I am kinda stuck here in finding sponsors for a new site.
  4. infoasian

    Fiverr wants a verified phone #

    Just logged into my account and I am seeing a message: Your phone is not verified. Who the fuck needs a phone number these days? And even when I try to verify a phone number is shows an error: There is something wrong with your phone.
  5. infoasian

    Seeking Adult Pinner

    Looking for a person who is popular with promotion on adult pinboards to pin adult images from a list of websites with specific tags and creative descriptions to adult pin boards. People interested, please, send me PM with samples of your existing boards for evaluation. Thanks for your kind...
  6. infoasian


    I am trying to buy domains on Afternic. In my understanding it is a 'broker', but I am having a hard time receiving reasonable counter offers. Most counter offers are way above the 'buy now' price and I am receiving countless calls from them on my mailbox where they offer 'to work for me to get...
  7. infoasian

    10k month with small tumblr network

    Last year I found a rather easy way to rank well with tumblrs. I will mainly use them for SEO and link to my converting money sites via affiliate marketing. The goal is to create 500k unique new visitors from search engines per day to my network of around 100 tumblrs in the same niche. Yep 100...
  8. infoasian

    When do Tumblrs drop?

    Anybody know when Tumblr subdomains become available again after accounts were suspended? I was reading some do never become available while others do.
  9. infoasian

    Looking for Tumblr Reblogs

    Seeking people who run tumblr blogs. I want to buy reblogs of my own tumblr posts. Looking for mainstream tumblrs and all niches including NSFW. PM me your list of Tumblrs by PM and I will reply with an offer if interested. Thank for your help and interest.
  10. infoasian

    Looking for Forex Sponsors

    I am looking for affiliate programs in the Forex niche with one touch options as I want to market a strategy for trading boundary events. Brokers must be regulated and offer vanilla or one touch options (not interested in gambling/binary niche). I prefer revenue share over CPA. Thanks for your...
  11. infoasian

    Cloaking for FB members

    it's more and more difficult to cloak based on agent's IP and footprints, but how about cloaking affiliate links by using FB? I.e. search bots and normal traffic will be sent to a normal link. Ok, no money from them, but benefits for seo. for people who are logged in FB or Twitter account...
  12. infoasian

    Happy Birthday: Penguin

    Penguin turned 1 year of age some days ago, but no party LOL. Have you forgotten about this pest bird already? Certainly, business has become more challenging.
  13. infoasian

    Scraping Tool for OSX?

    I am looking for a OSX tool that will allow me to scrape contents of a memberships site. Any ideas?
  14. infoasian

    Guestbook entries still good?

    By accident I found an older guestbook script that allows people to post urls ans they are followed links. What do you guys think: Is guestbook commenting on smaller sites still worth it?
  15. infoasian

    Web2 Question about

    While I love ahrefs, I notice inbound links from web2 properties such as and blogs are not listed as referring urls. In my case those web2 properties are indexed and active. Links are not tagged no-follow so they should count. Anybody else have this issue?
  16. infoasian

    Any advantage for tumblr with own domain?

    Are there any advantages to using your own domain for your tumblr other than branding? Does Tumblr admins give any privileges to domains over subdomains?
  17. infoasian

    What Stats script do you like best?

    For the past 8 years I have been using Urchin as server based stats. It's basically the same as Google Analytics, but based on server rather than hosted by enemy number one. Now, Urchin is no longer available and I am looking for a good reliable stats program that will provide me with search...
  18. infoasian

    Best pratice to place ads on top or below photos?

    It's one of those questions where it is difficult to find the right forum category, so I am posting this here under design while it's actually about money making. Let's say you have a regular blog with pictures and text. 2 paragraphs of text are followed by a photo with a short caption using...
  19. infoasian

    Silly dormant account policy - policy takes money out of affiliates accounts

    I have been promoting some smaller CB products last year, but did not reach my set payment. Today, I wanted to check my account and get back into promoting CB and noticed my balance was at zero, but I have never received any payout. Obviously, CB deducts a monthly fee between 1$ and 50$ for...
  20. infoasian

    Building Authority Sites Rocks!

    Just a heads up to our White Hats. I have been building legitimate sites for 15 years without any black hat techniques and some of them deliver outstanding results. About an hour ago I posted a new entry to a niche directory/blog (well, it's a directory but uses WP). About 30 minutes later I am...