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  1. BHopkins

    What's Working In ORM Right Now (June, 2020)

    It’s been some time since I’ve posted a strategy guide and I wanted to give you some real and practical tips on what is working right now (June, 2020). These are in no particular order. EMD’s Exact Match Domains (EMDs) are ranking as well as they ever have been. Some content, a couple pages, a...
  2. BHopkins

    Increasing site speed (Divi + Hostgator)

    Most of my sites load pretty quickly, but I have two new sites both running the Divi theme on Hostgator and they're both very slow. Using GTMetrix I see a lot of "Waiting". Can someone give me some tips and explain the "Waiting"? Is that the server not responding to the request?
  3. BHopkins

    Scrape Business pages?

    Anyone know of a way to collect Facebook Business Pages? I'm specifically looking to gather some data if possible such as NAP, website, email, etc. Whatever can be found I'd like to have! Even a service that sells lists of Facebook business pages would help!
  4. BHopkins

    Google Deceives Small Business Owners

    I just got this email from Google MyBusiness. How to Maximize Your SEO SEO. SEM. They look similar, but SEO (search engine optimization) means making small changes to your website that might help it naturally show up in search results. Meanwhile, SEM (search engine marketing) means paid search...
  5. BHopkins

    PVA New Accounts

    I need to create about 10 accounts per month. What is the best way to PVA these new accounts? I've had a few important accounts get banned so I'm trying to avoid that situation.
  6. BHopkins

    500 Error Multiple Sites, Hostgator

    I buy my domains through Namecheap and host with Hostgator. The last ~10 domains that I've bought and setup (wordpress) all show a 500 error every couple days. I've chatted with Hostgator a couple times and they're completely useless. I moved an entire site to a different server and it happened...
  7. BHopkins

    MassPlanner Pro Wanted

    I'm looking for someone to help manage MassPlanner for me. My goal is to grow some social media accounts. If you have experience, please find my email address and email screenshots showing MassPlanner results. Please do not PM me. This isn't a full time job, just part time work to setup...
  8. BHopkins

    Dashboards for Clients? Cyfe?

    Is anyone using a dashboard to show clients data? I've been thinking about it for a while as a value add. I've been testing Cyfe and it seems good. Any other recommendations? Dasheroo looked good as well, but a couple months ago they were closing the business and found a buyer at the 11th hour...
  9. BHopkins

    Auto Create Tweets based on URL?

    I want to be able to input a bunch of URLs and get the title of the post. Basically what you would normally do by clicking a share button on the page. Know of anything that can do that?
  10. BHopkins

    Software to Tweet multiple accounts

    I have a handful of carefully built accounts that I want to tweet the same message to. Is there a software or online tool that can connect each account and then I put in my tweets once and it posts to each of them? Buffer integration would be a great bonus. Thanks!
  11. BHopkins

    Guest Post Series: What do you want to learn?

    I'm going to be doing a series of guest posts on ORM and a little SEO. Are there any specific things you would like to see? I've got a few ideas listed below. If you're looking for high quality content, let me know as I don't have sources yet for each post! Will Millions of Links Hurt My Online...
  12. BHopkins

    Scrapebox Social Checker?

    I have tried with and without proxies. Updated everything but can't get it to finish the check. See screenshot below. Any tips? Is there any other website or tool that provides similar info?
  13. BHopkins

    Bulk add to Twitter Lists?

    Anyone know of a tool or way to bulk add to twitter lists? I can either import or paste the names I want to follow or by search term, whatever. Thanks!
  14. BHopkins

    Site links for individuals?

    Has anyone ever seen site links for individuals? I searched for individuals, business people, politicians, celebrities, etc. and didn't find a single instance of a person who has site links. Anyone ever see sitelinks for people?
  15. BHopkins

    Deranking with broken links

    Let's talk theoretically for a minute... If a site is ranking #3 and has a lot of outbound links, what would happen if most of all of those OBL's suddenly went to dead sites? For example, a competitor posts a bunch of links to your social media accounts and then you delete all of those...
  16. BHopkins

    Photoshop - Ongoing work

    I'm looking for someone who can convert pictures to some type of line art. Of course you don't have to use Photoshop, I'm very flexible on your graphic design style. Here is what I was able to accomplish and it's not great. I followed a tutorial for Pixelmator, it was easy, but not great. I...
  17. BHopkins

    ORM in 2016 - A Helpful Guide (Examples, 6 month test, tricks, and more!)

    There are many different ways of successfully completing online reputation management (ORM) campaigns. I have used, tried and tested hundreds of methods, theories and strategies. While I won't divulge everything as I have clients that need unsaturated methods that work, there are a lot of great...
  18. BHopkins

    Quick PHP Job

    I have a PHP script that pulls the latest post and post date from a list of URLs. It uses the /feed/ page in wordpress to get the info. I need the same script to now pull the IP of the server and verify the domain is live. Should be pretty simple as the script is designed and developed...
  19. BHopkins

    Line Art/Vector Artist Wanted for coloring and activity book

    I'm looking for someone to create a coloring book like this one: I will design the front and back cover, you just need to provide the coloring pages. If you can do this...
  20. BHopkins deindexed 8/19/2015

    I'm not seeing any ROR ranking for clients and a site: search verifies the same thing. A friend sent me a message telling me and I see the same thing. Anyone confirm or see anything different?