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  1. godknowseverything

    ✅✅ Camscanner Premium FREE for 1 year✅✅

    Camscanner is giving away premium subscriptions for people with .edu email addresses! Install the app on your phone and register with .edu email to get premium access for FREE. Here's a thread by @pips2010 on how to create unlimited edu email address -...
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    ➡️➡️➡️ 2015 - 2020 HOT BHW Money Making Threads ⬅️⬅️⬅️ ⭐ Corona Lockdown Special ⭐

    This post is an extension for: ⚡⚡ The Most Popular BHW Making Money Threads ⚡⚡ ***BHW Top Money Making Methods, Guides and More*** I have spent many years compiling the best money making threads. Everyone is under the lockdown so I felt this is the perfect time to share it. So, here you...
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    [GIVEAWAY] Digital Ocean $50 Coupon codes

    I got three Digital Ocean $50 credit coupon codes which I am willing to give it to the first three people here.
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    ✅ [FREE GIVEAWAY] Merch By Amazon T-Shirt Designs ✅

    Hey, I have been doing Merch for over 2 years now, Made decent profits and sold my business a few months ago. I have over 1k designs researched for Amazon using tools like Merchinformer, Ahrefs and Google trends. If you've Merch by Amazon account or a Amazon FBA seller, Post a comment below to...
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    [SEO TIP] How I ranked #1 for a keyword that was stuck at #5 for a year

    ( Above are Buyer intent keywords like "best xxx") I created this Amazon affiliate site back in 2017 on a fresh domain. Keywords were pretty easy when I started, but I didn't focus on it apart from adding content. In August 2018, I built 20-25 PBNs using brand and naked anchors. I saw...
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    [ JV ] My Graphic Designs + Your Merch By Amazon account

    Hey, I am looking for someone with Merch By Amazon account (500 tier or more). Send me a message if you're interested! Thanks
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    Empire Flippers

    There was one service here selling empire flippers prospectus; I couldn't find it here. Does someone have the BST link?
  8. godknowseverything

    Anyone from India who has filed an ITR for internet income?

    I have been paying 15% tax to IRS for the income received from Amazon Merch and other affiliate programs. Just wondering if I have to file an ITR here in India? If yes, How do I claim the tax credit as it's a double taxation case? Thanks
  9. godknowseverything

    Where can I buy semrush pro/guru account?

    Is there any sellers who sell only Semrush account?
  10. godknowseverything

    How to get accepted on ShareAsale?

    Hey, Just wondering if there's any tip to get into ShareAsale affiliate program? I've applied 3 times so far and got rejected.
  11. godknowseverything

    ⚡⚡ The Most Popular BHW Making Money Threads ⚡⚡

    I posted a curation of BHW money making methods previous year ( and received a great response from you guys. I am posting the updated version of the same. Here you go...
  12. godknowseverything

    What do you do when you're site is stuck on page-2?

    What I've tried so far? 1. Social signals 2. Interlinking 3. Adding more content for relevancy 4. Rewriting the content 5. More PBNs with closely matched anchors 6. Playing with on-page SEO. Nothing has helped me. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  13. godknowseverything

    My 15 Amazon sites ranking at page 1 to 5 + Your SEO to bring them on page-1

    Hey there, I've around 15 Amazon sites ranking on page -1 to page - 4 on Google. I need your guidance on how to optimize it for higher revenues. I'm open for a JV where you SEO optimize the sites and willing to pay you 50% of total earnings from all the sites. All sites fall under high...
  14. godknowseverything

    Promoting Amazon products on Flipboard?

    I was searching for something and stumpled upon this FlipBoard profile - I thought direct linking to Amazon is against their TOS, Any idea how this guy is doing it? Thanks in advance!
  15. godknowseverything

    ***BHW Top Money Making Methods, Guides and More***

    It's a hard task to search for best money making threads on a forum like this, So I thought I'll list them here at one spot. Adsense + YouTube Adsense + Facebook...
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    Curation of Best BHW SEO Methods

    I was cleaning up the bookmarks list, Thought I'll share my favorite SEO guides here. I'm sure most of them will find it useful.
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    100k traffic under a month using an auctioned domain

    Hey I just stumbled upon this site - Looks like it used to be a marine organization site which has been re-branded into an Amazon authority site. As per Ahrefs traffic from 0 to whopping 100k under a month. Also I checked their PBNs, It's very weak. What are your...