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  1. audioguy

    Method to test google passed proxies

    How do they do that? I bet it's not only to open Google's home page, just like when testing a proxy if it works, and then search for specific strings. Do they perform random searches? The reason I asked is I want to automate this thing. Using ScrapeBox to test this a few times a day becomes...
  2. audioguy

    Funny Video + $5.99 NameCheap Coupon: Already Bought the Domain

    Enjoy. If you don't bother watching the video, the coupon for $5.99 domain is "buythedomain". Hope that helps save a couple bucks of yours.
  3. audioguy

    ScrapeBox high CPU usage while harvesting?

    Despite just using less than 50KiB/s for harvesting at 26 urls/s, my CPU usage is constantly at 99-100%. Is this normal? I'm running ScrapeBox on VPS with private proxies. Total memory usage is less than 1GB from 2GB I have on the box.
  4. audioguy

    Rebuilding a site from scratch, impact on G?

    Well, I did such an experiment a while back. Completely delete an automatic lyrics site (with very little traffic) and rebuild an auto news site. G seemed to be hesitant at first, crawling everything but not sending traffic. But after a while, it started sending traffic and growing from there...
  5. audioguy

    Winning campaign that suddenly tanks

    I am running a PPV campaign for an international lead offer. Landing page generates CTR at 7-12% constantly. I target very relevant URLs. The first few days, it converted like 9% of the clicks, resulting in at least 200% ROI. Very nice. But suddenly in just 3 days, things changed. From 9% to...
  6. audioguy

    Where to find deals on bulk dot info

    Dot info is gaining momentum and become as pricey as dot com (almost). Where can I get deals on bulk dot info, 50 - 200 domains in the next 30 days? Don't want to register all at once to avoid footprint. Been looking every where. 1 and 1 still offers $0.99 .info, but limited only 5 per customer.
  7. audioguy

    Post Panda Linking Strategy

    I found this in Andy Williams SEO newsletter. Although it provides only an overview, I think it's a sound strategy. Should be easy to adapt to your existing SEO effort. (Quoted as is with a few fixes on typos and removal of promotional material.) Since Panda, I have looked at Backlinking in a...