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  1. sam55

    Tumblr Also Selling ''Important Blue Internet Checkmarks'' Like Twitter

    Apparently, I missed the news and can't find anything about it on BHW. Just logged into my old tumblr and saw this. They are selling 2 checkmarks for $7.99. It seems to me they are making fun of the current twitter situation.
  2. sam55

    First Day at School and he's already 5 feet 4? What kind of scam is this!!?

    I'll say this is an ahole move. This is too much just to get facebook shares. These are posts by 2 different people (fake) by using new fb profiles mode.
  3. sam55

    This guy's hard work paid off

    Just a random YouTuber I found today. I think it will be inspiring for some. He has been posting videos since 2016. 6 days ago he posted this - And check his subs today - Recently, one of his videos blew up and gained 41M+ views. And he got 500K subs in 6 days.
  4. sam55

    Is Google Testing New SERP Design?

    The folllowing are from the same chrome with two different Google accounts. Notice on image 1 The top search bar is different, less colors and the horizontal border line is above the Menu. Also there is no mention of total number of search results. Oh no! Are they going to stop showing total...
  5. sam55

    WTF is ? Real or Fake?

    I stumbled upon this site "" and it seems like it is Google. But I've never heard about it before. I tried to check whois but got nothing. The site is hosted in IRAN. What is it?
  6. sam55

    Karma's a Bitch - Google faces $5 billion lawsuit

    Latest news guys! Google faces $5 billion lawsuit for tracking people in incognito mode-
  7. sam55

    How can you outrank a site with this kind of link profile?

    There is this site which is raking for any keyword it is trying to (wordpress niche). He doesn't build links manually. It has some free wordpress themes that have credit links on the footer. That way he is just ruling the SERP making other blogs out of business. It has 4K+ keywords on top 3...