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  1. jeff1985

    Seeking to Hire Experienced Affiliate Marketing Manager

    We currently run a Business Company and we just need some help with affiliate marketing. You should know how to set up an affiliate marketing campaign based on CPS or CPA model. The target niche will be women clothing and women shoes.. You should have the following skills with such platforms...
  2. jeff1985

    Seeking a wordpress plugin that automatically make posts look like recipe cards

    we currently used Yummomatic plugin that automatically post recipe posts to our website. We are seeking a programmer who can make the post automatically show up like a recipe card. Since these post is done automatically we having issues having it show up in recipe card style like the below...
  3. jeff1985

    IPQualityScore, Escalated io, or Traffic Cop?

    I have used both and traffic cop both quality companies...unfamilar with the other company...the previous two can block fraud on incoming pre bid make sure who ever u chooses have that option
  4. jeff1985

    Funding for US based Content websites for purchasing Native Ads

    I was wondering if there are any companies outside of traditional banks that gives funding for content site owners to use to purchase advertising on large scale... any suggestions?
  5. jeff1985

    Best PTC ( paid to click) websites?

    there are some ptc sites like swagbucks inbox dollars and advidity
  6. jeff1985

    I am not able to index my website on

    did you do it through the bing dashboard...? that is the only way and to make sure you are in compliance with their rules to get index
  7. jeff1985

    I am not able to index my website on

    bing has cause me issues as well... u can always contact their support directly and create a ticket and they will help worse case scenario thats what i did with one of my sites and finally got it index
  8. jeff1985

    Video Ads - Primis or Adthrive?

    i saw that too basically lol its few adthrive publishers who show their earnings and he is one of them... also the origin of traffic is key...if you tier 1 countries specifically US then u can do well obviously...from my past experience working with various different ad management companies the...
  9. jeff1985

    Video Ads - Primis or Adthrive?

    If your current adthrive publisher you should be fine to switch...from what i know they improve the cpm rate on those...
  10. jeff1985

    Real risks of using copyrighted images?

    It's better to stick with free sources if you can. Some companies will threaten legal action most will not take it in reality. The thought of going to court over a photo is not real especially if you have your domain register info LOCKED so they cant access your legal name. If you not even in...
  11. jeff1985

    serpclix ???

    this is not bot traffic but the volume is probably very low
  12. jeff1985

    Profitting off George Floyd Riots?

    the title of this is in poor taste
  13. jeff1985

    Monetizing a travel website

    you need closer to 100k users to get into niche ad networks that can cater to your site.. or 50,000 at least ...try ezoic they will accept your blog
  14. jeff1985

    Best Pop Network and avoid fake traffic

    pop traffic needs antifraud protection to prevent bot traffic from coming through....zeropark and propeller ads are better but 30 percent of their traffic is bot...i suggest using antifraud company to protect your offer and then show their reports to the pop company to get your money back or get...
  15. jeff1985

    Facebook Ads High Traffic Vs Pinterest Ads

    facebook and pinterest are good for generating traffic....especially for content sites...conversions vary on offers...some users click to see if the offer is tailor to their needs others just click with intent
  16. jeff1985

    How to make £1,000 a month every month

    this is beyond ridiclous lol
  17. jeff1985

    Any gaming sites/blogs on AdThrive?

    their niche typically doesnt cater to those type of sites....u can try but i dont think they will accept
  18. jeff1985


    right we can not take his world without proof. That post was old.. all bots are useless in 2021
  19. jeff1985

    If you guys had a 25K budget and had to start from scratch what would you do?

    give me 25k and I can instantly start an high end arb content business just like that and be profitable
  20. jeff1985

    Anyone tried Ezoic Premium Memberships?

    Adthrive will accept your site if you fit into their demo and niche....a