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  1. Madruga

    Getting app installs: as advertiser on CPA platforms vs buying installs from random vendors

    What would you prefer more and why?
  2. Madruga

    How to Make Money by Having the Mindset of a Level 100 Padawan Boss

    You keep accumulating information and a part of you realizes it knows a lot and does so little, mostly because it believes it knows a lot however that lot is not useful since if you filter it, few things will be redeemed as skills. Here comes of course your creativity which will use these tools...
  3. Madruga

    Best Methods in 2022 to Kickstart a New Dating App?

    When you have a new app successfully up, besides the many creative promotion and advertisement you can do for it, blackhat, gray and white hat etc, what are some of the things you would make sure to do as soon as possible to get it from 0 installs to some or plenty. Purchasing advertisement from...
  4. Madruga

    Is there any service where I can purchase IG & TW accounts with loads of fake followers and custom built for me?

    Hi there, I am searching to see if there is such a thing available. Obviously if there is I would appreciate a private message instead of maybe a reply here since it won't make the thread suspicious for promotion of a service. Basically, I am looking for a service where someone can add plenty...
  5. Madruga

    sneaky namecheap employee has a side job

    I somewhat knew what I am about to say, but in the same time I didn't really thought it's really such a thing... that they track each searched domain name for availability. Months ago I searched for several domain name availability on namecheap. Spend nearly all day, because I have a fixation...
  6. Madruga

    YouTube | Using emoji instead of hyphens " - " or " | " , does it screw with the title's seo?

    When separating a keyword from some other words or name of channel in title.. will putting an emoji instead of - or | be considered different? I know YT can ignore the hyphens such as - or this bar | but an emoji like character could it be read as Codepoints U+1F34C ? Also, I have seen some...
  7. Madruga

    Resurrecting my 7 years old website? Need Advice.

    Hi, I'll get straight to the point: early in 2013 I started working on an authority site, I "wrote" 95 articles (from ~500 words to ~1000w) within a month and left them scheduled to be posted for the following months. I was mostly into other 'BHW sports' back then so I didn't really knew much...
  8. Madruga

    Looking for a ThePlace invite please!

    Hello, if there is anyone who could pass me an invite I would appreciate it very much. Am in need for long term use and can also seed non stop, as I know how to grow a private tracker account. Thank you very much in advance, as I really need it.
  9. Madruga

    Game of Thrones Affiliate Physical & Digital Products (Looking)

    You "all" know that in a month from now, the new season on Game of Thrones will come, and again the madness will begin. In case you know, please share in this thread, any affiliate networks/sites with Game of Thrones physical or/and digital products. What I found for now is the HBO's official...
  10. Madruga

    BHW Please Help - Found buyer for my YT channel for $5k but the transaction is a roadblock

    Hey guys, I come hear to ask for your advice, as I am sure I could get the best from you. Basically, selling my YT channel since quite a few days, I have received several offers, but this one beats quite by far the rest. $5k - already thinking, when something is too good to be true, it usually...
  11. Madruga

    $xx,xxx per month YouTube channel Hacked and Stolen,can't reach YouTube, nobody gives a sh

    A pigeon hacked my YouTube channel and removed my official email from the ownership of the channel / transferred ownership; and now I don't have access anymore to this channel. I do not know exactly what happened but it did happen in just a matter of minutes. This channel is on a constant...
  12. Madruga

    Are TO DO Lists Effective for You? Do they become a 'habit' or it doesn't 'stick'??

    1.) I'm curious to know how much the 'to-do lists' could help you on a daily basis, assuming you're one of the people that uses a to-do application (pc/mobile) or his own paper agenda. And what kind of things do you put in there, what are the smallest and insignificant things you put down and...
  13. Madruga

    I have this 'wannabe' authority site and never dropped SEO, but maybe it's time?

    I have this 'wannabe' authority site that I care a lot, its domain age is 9 years and 9 months old but the site's age is around 1 year, more than 130 articles, also left some articles scheduled to be posted, on-page SEO done right etc The site is in a quite interesting niche, it doesn't rank in...
  14. Madruga

    Careful With Your Chrome, @Gmail & Your Passwords! Avoid Getting Spied ~

    This isn't really a big discover, it's actually in front of your eyes (not only IM-ers), yet few choose to use or avoid them, so they let them be. But you see, that's not where the story ends. Most of the people are neglecting these little yet essencial 'settings', so I'm just spreading the...
  15. Madruga

    How many of you 'suffer' of Dysania?

    I'm actually not even sure if 'Dysania' is something official, but I can say that it happened/happens to all of us. Clinomania, or Dysania as it is more commonly known, causes sufferers to find it extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning. More info at links #1 , #2 It took me...
  16. Madruga

    The Rise & Fall of Y! (Bedtime Stories for IM-ers)

    OCT '09 surely sucked for them big time. Now, what happened during the last 3 years for them? (2010-2013)
  17. Madruga

    Help with Traffic Travis?! If you use it, please take a look

    How can I update this particular section? Where the site shows your pages's SEO errors, like you need to fix. For example I 'fix' some of the recommendations, and I want to see an update in the program that validates that what I did was correct. But I can't find a way to update in the My Site...
  18. Madruga

    What other video sharing sites except YouTube are good for embedding with a lower chance..

    What other video sharing sites except YouTube are good for embedding with a lower chance of having the video banned/removed ( I DON'T wanna compete with nobody on the search engine for this particular project, just free hosting to embed) So my point is that I want to embed a bunch load of...
  19. Madruga

    Since when is Pingler down?

    I used this in the past for some project and didn't wanted to try others because I have my reasons. For those of you who recently used , it seems that now is down. Should I wait or move on? When was the last time it was up? Much appreciated any reply.
  20. Madruga

    [GET List] Most Vulnerable Wordpress Plugins (2400+)

    I found online a simple list with over 2400 names of the most vulnerable wordpress plugins. From my research I think this list was created somewhere around in March 2013, so it might be possible that some (few) were updated/fixed. The list doesn't show eactly what vulnerability is in there...