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    2 techniques to boost ranking without backlinks (theory)

    1. Branded. Once your brand name e.g abc1278 = #1 on Google You can start blasting articles, comments, forum, reddit, while mentioning your brand name abc1278 even without hyperlink. But it must relevant with your niche. My competitor keep buying sponsored article with the title...
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    Link Juice

    Which one is the best, for maximum juice? Is it true according to mattdiggitty? Juice power will be divided into 50:50 if we included 2 links on a single page. Or it's just bs
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    Anchor Text Penalty - Need Idea (HELP)

    Domain: Target keyword: buy dog food Current links: came from 20 diffrent sites all anchored with the same exact keyword "buy dog food". It end up getting penalty by big G. The solution is to buy another 20 links from different sites, while anchor each of link with...
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    Do we really need to fine tuning GPT3?

    The reason why we fine-tuning is to narrow down gpt3 to focus on certain pattern, format, or style of writing, thus.. reducing the cost. Fine tuning also means discarding other possibilities. Sometimes I think it doesn't make sense when you fine tune your model with thousands of articles...
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    Is this Keyword Cannibalization? Publishing same keyword/article over and over again

    Based on the title above. What will happen if I convert all this keywords that contain "lose weight fast" into hundred of different articles.. And publish it on my single blog? Does anyone have experience? Does Google kill your ranking or boost your ranking instead...
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    Does Google Search Console Index stat update daily or once a week?

    I keep F5 Page indexing on Google search console every single day, to see how many of my pages got indexed by Google, since I just bought an indexing service from BHW. But the number did not change at all. It only changes or update every Monday(my local time). Is it?
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    Tool to scrape article from other website/blog, each post save as 01.txt

    Hi, is there any tool that can do as the title ? 1. paste website/blog url, and press scan. 2. it will scan the website. 3. each post it will save as .txt 4. inside .txt file, it contain just title and post text. Thanks.
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    Upcoming Google SERP Update Next Week

    “The update will start rolling out next week. We will post on our Google ranking updates page when it begins and when it is fully rolled out, which could take up to two weeks” Tldr - You need to be qualify for every...
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    Is there any BEST related contextual wordpress plugin exist?

    I need something like this Closer one is (too basic, just thumbnail and title) (same as above, just title and thumbnail.) Comparing with the sample that I showed above, it...
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    Email marked as PHISHING by Gmail - How do I fix it?

    Hi, based on the title, every time my customers make a payment I will send order details to their email. The problem is that all emails are labeled as phishing. Ho do I fix it? Server detail. Email: Gmail + Google Work space for domain. SSL: Using CloudFlare. Email sent from: cPanel mail...
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    Track how many times my website/server goes DOWN

    Hi One of my website constantly goes offline like 1 every 1-2 hr for like 10 minutes. I have no idea why. Other sites that hosted in the same server is running good. But my B site don't. Even when it goes offline, I can still access the cpanel. Any idea why? Is there any tool that I can use...
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    Can wordpress handle 10,000,000 blog posts?

    People keep saying that wordpress cannot handle up 100k blog posts. Otherwise your site gonna crash, slow and bloating. I have one project that I plan to generate probably up to 1m posts combined with translated posts into various languages, its gonna end up with millions of posts. Do you...
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    imacro open different links on multiple tabs

    Hi, On a single page I got list of links that I want to open all at once in a new tab. Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 Row 5...
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    Wordpress Plugin - Search Video Related to the Post Title & Auto Insert

    Hi, Is there any wordpress plugin that will auto search video content based on your post title. Next it will scrape, and post the video at the bottom/middle/top of your old post. There are many plugins offer similar feature, but for images. Wondering if it exist for YouTube?
  15. PinguSpy

    imacro duplicated button

    Hi, How can I make imacro only click first button rather than second button with similar ID? TAG POS=2 TYPE=BUTTON ATTR=ID:open_button TAG POS=2 TYPE=A ATTR=ID:btn_post_article_wp The green is duplicated button ID. The red only appear after you set it up. Thanks
  16. PinguSpy

    Anybody run a manga site?

    I saw few manga site that target on specific country. E.g Indonesia, Malaysia. I believe it come from the same owner. With monthly unique visitor up to 30M / month. Since those country have very low click price, but let say 1,000 CPM > $0.06 X 30M = $1.8m / month. Is this realistic? Or it...
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    Tools to spin your wordpress post?

    I know we got lots of them such spin writer, wordai, article forge, spinnerchif, etc But they all have API limitation. I need a tool that can spin or rewrite like 100k-1m established articles / month. Thanks.
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    Scrape > Translate > Delete

    Hi, I have plugin (basic autoblog) that will scrape any content in English and post. The only problem English is not my main focus. My main focus is Japanese / Japanese website. I want the content that I just scrape plus post in English, get translate into Japanese and then it will be...
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    Need a script similar to everythingwhat / askinglot

    As the title above. PM me with your detail, thanks.
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    I can't win this keyword, they are using bots!

    Normal day Now U.S monthly search for this keyword is 10k-12k / month Daily impression 300-400 / day My current CTR is 30-40% / day Kinda good, hence it stayed above top 3. But this week out of nowhere the impression perday is over 6k Meaning I need 1000 - 2000 clicks / day to maintain my...