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  1. kn1ves

    [Free Trial] Throw MS Excel out the window, It's time to Shift!

    Refund Policy After purchasing, if you're not happy with what you received, you're eligible for a full refund if you apply within 7 days of the date of purchase. BHW Discount Don't forget, there's a special discount for BHW people, please ask for the discount code in the BST and I'll send it to...
  2. kn1ves

    Okay..I never expected this.

    I just noticed that @Sherb is red and not the mod red..
  3. kn1ves

    Most effective way to read journeys on BHW

    One of the best ways to learn new stuff is by following the journey threads created by the members here at BHW but the entire thread is flooded by replies like "Following!" and "All the best!" and stuff like that. The valuable information posted by the OP is buried deep within messages like...
  4. kn1ves

    Tired of these white hat mental masturbators

    I recently came across this post on SEJ with the following title: Google’s Mueller Calls Web 2.0 Style Links Spammy I decided to take the bait and read the article. Here's the gist of it: Okay, that has some truth to it, obviously if you randomly create niche irrelevant links you won't...
  5. kn1ves

    [Compilation] Backlink Goldmine

    I've compiled a list of threads which contain methods/tricks from BHW members to build backlinks. Bad/good news for VAs all over the world. Here we go: [HOW-TO] Get A Do-follow Link From Google (Chrome) by @Leith [METHOD] Get Backlinks from IBM Bluemix for FREE! by @Rachmaninoff Get DA93...
  6. kn1ves

    Sherlock hacks Google, my ass.

    I finished a major task regarding work today and was REALLY bored and locked down so, I decided to do some browsing in the Marketplace section to see what works when it comes BSTs. I eventually came across this thread...
  7. kn1ves

    [IMPORTANT] You might be putting your money site in jeopardy

    Hey, first off let me inform you that I'm posting this thread to spread awareness about how a small detail when overlooked can potentially expose your money site. I don't think this has been shared before. I am sharing this so that you can secure your money site and prevent exposing your...
  8. kn1ves

    [BETA TESTERS WANTED] SEO Management Tool

    Hey, it's been a while since I've posted, I've recently been working on a tool which I built myself for managing my SEO clients but I've decided to commercialise it. Here's a sneak peek. I'm looking for around 20 people for testing this tool. You qualify if you're either a Jr. VIP or have...
  9. kn1ves

    Paypal: Yay or Gay?

    Hello people of BHW, I have a quick question. I have been using PayPal for some small transaction here and there but now I've opened my own Digital Marketing Agency and want to know if I should continue with PayPal for accepting international payments. Unfortunately, Stripe isn't available in...
  10. kn1ves

    [Journey] Using Grayhat Tactics To Build A Semi-Authoritative Site

    This is my first journey so first off, let me tell you a little about myself. I'm currently studying at a University and will be graduating in May this year. I established long back that I had no intentions whatsoever to be stuck in a 9 to 5 for the rest of my life. This is the reason I got into...
  11. kn1ves

    [Guide] Why Metrics Like DA/TF Are Misleading And How to Gauge A Link's Value Properly

    I am tired of seeing people open threads like "My site's DA is 40 but I am getting outranked by a DA 12 site what do I do?" First off, if you do SEO and solely rely on third-party metrics, you have a recipe for disaster. Metrics are useful for pointing you in the right direction, but that's...
  12. kn1ves

    Using PBNs? Don't Make This Mistake

    PBNs are one of the strongest links you can get today which can help you rank. However, if you are not careful of footprints then you might end up losing them. Sure you might be blocking all the bots but PBNs can be found manually too. To understand, first, let us learn a little about Google...
  13. kn1ves

    [Exploit] Use AWS As A Parasite

    I first found about this method a couple of months back after coming across this. Anybody who has worked with AWS before can figure this method out in 5 minutes. First of all, let's get a glimpse of what you'll be able to achieve once you're done reading this. The URL will be something like...
  14. kn1ves

    [Trick] How To Know If Google Updated Their Algorithm

    Traffic suddenly dropped? Your site might be affected by a Google algorithm update. Google releases multiple small updates to their Search Engine algorithm to prevent webmasters from gaming the engine. Most of these updates are not announced officially and people have no choice but to speculate...
  15. kn1ves

    [Trick] Find Hidden Gems in BHW

    BlackHatWorld has a sea of knowledge available, I doubt any course offers information not already available on BHW, however, finding that information can be quite a daunting task. When I joined BHW I used this exact trick to quickly soak knowledge and become better at marketing. Some of you...
  16. kn1ves

    [Trick] A Unique Way To Rank Your Posts On Google

    I'm sure some of you would know this but I'm still sharing it because it is a pretty neat trick to gain a little edge over your competition. Googlebot tries to disambiguate the meaning of a query and shows the best possible results to the end user. They achieve this by analyzing the query...
  17. kn1ves

    [Trick] Get DA 70 Do-Follow Backlink From Google Subdomain

    I was recently playing around with Jupyter Notebook for one of my projects in college and found Google Colab. Here's how you can use it to get a DA 70 contextual backlink from Google's subdomain. First, go to If you're signed in to a Google account, you'll see...
  18. kn1ves

    [Guide] Analyze Your SEO Competition Without Spending A Dollar

    Many people believe that 'Keyword Research' is the most vital part of SEO and I couldn’t agree more. If your keyword research is spot on, half the battle is already won. However, when it comes to doing keyword research people tend to analyze competition only by third-party metrics provided by...
  19. kn1ves

    How much would you pay for this?

    How much would you pay for a backlink with DA/PA above 20 and TF above 10? Assuming the page is obviously not spammed to death or has bad anchor text or anything.
  20. kn1ves

    What is the page load time of your money site?

    I recently optimised my money site and significantly increased it's loading time, went from 1.7s to 848ms! So just out of curiosity, what is the loading time of your money site guys?