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  1. PinguSpy

    Latest Google Spam Update REALLY pissed me off, what should I do now?

    Ive been monitoring my other websites that I dint do any SEO campaign. From my observation, I confidently say.. it’s random. This month I got good ranking. Next month red. This month back to green again. Repeat. Imagine you site on page 2 for very competitive keyword. Next month it got kick...
  2. PinguSpy

    CTR manipulation: 5 months of testing

    Not really. I tested on my own site and my competitor site. Sending 500-1000 clicks / day non stop for 3 weeks. After that I paused both campaigns. 1 week later nothing ever happen. It’s because current CTR manipulation don’t really work, heck, even links building *scratching my head.
  3. PinguSpy

    Have you removed all funds from crypto exchanges?

    Yes, so that I can sleep at night in peace. Nothing is guaranteed in crypto. Just like I thought there’s no way celcius or blockfi gonna goes bankrupt, and yet it does. The risk remains on Binance, despite they are too big to fall.
  4. PinguSpy

    CTR manipulation: 5 months of testing

    And what is that? I doubt CTR manipulation still work for now.
  5. PinguSpy

    ETH or BNB?

    Both. if you want something new, go do some research for the platform that has something to do with quantum resistant.
  6. PinguSpy

    What you should do in the crypto winter?

    Shopping cheap coin. Bought Blockwallet/BLANK 0.04 > now it mooning, due to metamask privacy issue. Bought another (secret), now waiting for mainnet release + quantum apocalypse to happen > another mooning. Problem > Solution = $$$ E.G Uniswap Bep20 Matic Dont but coin that we deserve...
  7. PinguSpy

    Can binance also face problem of sufficient funds in future?

  8. PinguSpy

    Any BHW Nomads Working in Thailand?

    Try Akira Lipe Resort or Anda Resort. But I don’t think now is the good time for the beach in Thailand or Asean in general. November - March is moonsoon / raining season.
  9. PinguSpy

    Any BHW Nomads Working in Thailand?

    For less crowded and crystal clear water , try Koh Lipe aka The Maldive of Thailand
  10. PinguSpy

    Goodbye Crypto - GBTC & Tether

    In USDC/BUSD we trust, as it always $1.00 While for USDT $0.9989 Something is definitely not right. Do not hold your stable coin in USDT
  11. PinguSpy

    Can binance also face problem of sufficient funds in future?

    I doubt you are the CEO of Binance.
  12. PinguSpy


    Majority know when to enter, but don’t know when to out. There is a rule, it is called burger rule. We want to out at the middle where most of the juice meat is.
  13. PinguSpy

    El Salvador to buy Bitcoin every day starting tomorrow, President says

    Perfect time to buy is now. When negative, depressing news pop almost every single day. Dont buy in the bull hype market. When everybody, every newspaper is screaming btc gonna reach $100k.. $500k.. $1m
  14. PinguSpy

    New crypto wallets. need help

    Metamask. *Cold-wallet (you hold your own key) *Support every types of networks such ethereum, binance smart chain, polygon, avalanche, harmony, valas etx *easy web3 / dex integration
  15. PinguSpy


    I have 152,000 units of Neblio, bought it at $0.20 / unit It pump to $50.00 (in 2017), but I dint sell it. I also bought 900,000 units of Doges in 2013.. total price / $5000 Last but not least I also bought 112 bitcoins in 2012-2013 at $500 / per I should be ultra millionaire by now. :’(
  16. PinguSpy

    BTC crashes to $15k!

    Already lowest of the lowest.
  17. PinguSpy

    Investment Ideas with $10.000

    Think again.
  18. PinguSpy

    Best Success Rate Indicators in Crypto

    I thought this guy prediction is bs. Still I saved the photo . Turn out
  19. PinguSpy

    ftx and sol on death's doors?

    FTT = CEL