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  1. MightyMu

    Hashtags ghosted, but not in top posts..

    Hi all, As stated in the title, my account the hashtags are ghosted. However, when the likes and comments go quick, the post does make it to the top posts. Meaning, I only see the posts in top posts, but not in between the recent posts. Does somebody know why this is?
  2. MightyMu

    Asked to build community page

    Hi all, This morning I was asked to build/manage a community fitness page based on a specific country. I myself have a bigger page in this niche, so I know how to build a page in this niche. However, how much should I ask to build up a page to 10k and manage the growth afterwards. Should I...
  3. MightyMu

    liking comments

    Hi all, When I go to the activity of my following, I see people liking comments of people. Somehow I don't get to see this option. Is this because of android being behind with the update compared to ios? I have the latest update from instagram installed, so that can't be it. Thanks!
  4. MightyMu

    Start botting with 80k+ acc?

    Hi all, My account has grown 1k per day fir the last couple of month. however, the last weeks it seems my reach has decreased a lot... I used to get 1k likes in one hour and about 5k total average. Now I only get around 500 followers, 300 likes per hour and maybe 1.5 - 2k total. I did...
  5. MightyMu

    Build one niche empire or go different routes?

    Hii fellow blackhatters, At the moment I have one main account in a sub sport niche, which I plan to build a site for with articles and monetize it with adsense, affiliate and shoutouts on instagram. To get more traffic I am building 2 more sub sport niche accounts. I am aiming to have a total...
  6. MightyMu

    Growing 4m+ ig network withing 9 months

    Hii all, Just a minute ago I came across the page @mybossgirls (3,1m followers, 30 - 70k likes avg). So, I filled in the name at socialblade. The graph showed that this account only started in december 2015. Together with some other accounts (also started 10months ago) from the same network...
  7. MightyMu

    Reliable shoutout sites

    Hi all, Shoutcart was the site where I used to sell shoutouts with. However, I got banned because of some complaints about "suspicious behavior", whatever that might mean. I never got a warning or whatsoever, so I asked for an explanation. Some people never put hashtags in the caption, so I...