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  1. pisti69

    Domain and host provider

    Hello BHW. I need some help. In the last couple of days I was searching for some domains and host providers where I can checkout with paysafecard or with one PayPal account which doesn't have an credit card attached, because I want to start a CPA journey and I'm not 18 yet to use credit cards...
  2. pisti69

    Monetize Snapchat Traffic

    Hello BHW! I started growing a snapchat account, I generate some traffic, but I can't monetize it since every CPA Network doesn't accept my account. Is there any other way to monetize this kind of traffic, or what should I do to get accepted by CPA Networks? I'm a little bit disappointed but I...
  3. pisti69

    Snapchat question

    Hi BHW. I want to start Snapchat + CPA, but I don't know a thing. How can I send snaps from camera roll? And also, if someone can help me, where can I get some photos from? Thanks in advance :)
  4. pisti69

    YouTube faking videos

    Hello BHW. I have some time while I read this forum but without doing nothing. Today I decided to take action. I want to start some CPA + Youtube, but I can't figure out how to fake a video that the viewers will think that's real. I am talking about these "generator" offers in games niche...