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  1. hardcorebiker

    [GiveAway] Thousands of Available Youtube Handles

    I was scraping available Youtube Handles out there. Posting some of them here which are open to registration(If you have a youtube account with handles enabled). If some are not available, that means they are taken as i have been scraping for days. I have added them in the below sheet sorted...
  2. hardcorebiker

    █████ NICHE VAULT™ █████ EXCLUSIVELY For MONEY SITES ❤️ ❤️ Topically NICHE RELEVANT Links ❤️ ❤️ HOMEPAGE Links ⚡⚡ PREMIUM Closed Door Ne...

    ** Are You Looking For Niche Specific Links That Will Actually Get You Results? ** Are You Looking For A Network Which You Can Use On Your Money Site Without Being Worried? We Present To You.. ►►► NICHE VAULT™ ◄◄◄ AVG RD 200+ ✔ AVG DA 30+ ✔ AVG DR 20+ ✔ MAX OBLs 10-15 Email...
  3. hardcorebiker


    ►►►BLACK FRIDAY SALE is Live Now!◄◄◄ Coupon Code: BFCASINO2022 Do You Own A Casino, Poker, Gambling or Betting Site? We Present To You: FAQs: 1. How many URLs and Keywords can I use? You can only use 1 domain per order but you can use multiple URLs from the same domain. No limit on...
  4. hardcorebiker

    [ZERO Backlink Experiment] Can I Rank A Site Without Backlinks and Make Money?

    The aim of this journey is to keep me accountable. Whats the goal? The goal is to build an authority niche site, monetize it and ultimately flip it for 6 figures. Is it possible to rank a site and get traffic without backlinks? I don't know but I have seen some very topically relevant sites...
  5. hardcorebiker

    █████ BLACK FRIDAY 40% OFF █████ ⚡⚡G.O.A.T LINKS™⚡⚡ █████ ULTRA POWERFUL ❇️ HEAVY DUTY ❇️ HOMEPAGE LINKS ❇️ Avg DA 30+ ❤️❤️ Avg RD 100+

    ►►►BLACK FRIDAY SALE is Live Now!◄◄◄ Coupon Code: BF2022 FAQs 1. How many Keywords and URLs are Allowed? You can only use 1 domain per order but you can use multiple URLs from the same domain. No limit on anchors/keywords as such. Keep in mind though that more the number of URLs you use...
  6. hardcorebiker

    {Need an iPhone App Review Writer}

    I am looking for quality iphone/Mac review writers who are good at reviewing apps/softwares. The writer has to compose and use own screenshots and not use one available from Web. Prior experience is a must. Make sure to write your favorite color when applying or i will ignore your application...
  7. hardcorebiker


    We are Proud To Complete 4 Years on BHW Having Ranked 1000s of Clients ***Get 30% OFF on 15 Posts*** ***Get 50% OFF on 30 and 50 Posts*** Coupon Code: ELITEOFF FAQs How many URLs and Keywords can I use? You can only use 1 domain per order but you can use multiple URLs from the same domain...
  8. hardcorebiker

    PBN ARTICLES HANDWRITTENHigh Quality Tier 1 ContentFree Review Copies

    Are you looking for high quality Tier 1 articles at dirt cheap prices? Our team of writers will manually write articles with proper research for you. These are NOT Spun articles. All articles are checked in Copyscape before delivering. WHY CHOOSE US? High quality and affordable content for...
  9. hardcorebiker


    FAQs 1) Are you really offering "Permanent Homepage Links"? Yes, thats the USP of Cosmo Rank. You can be assured that your links will stay on the homepage. We wont charge you extra for that. 2) What kind of content is used We use highly spun articles which are readable. 3) Is the network...
  10. hardcorebiker

    [Suggestion] Allow more than 20 pages in user's post history?

    I am really fond of reading previous posts of few members. Some people are really humorous, some are knowledgeable and some are really successful so I like to follow them for various reasons. I can't seem to go beyond 18-20 pages. For example someone has 3-4k posts, I cant read their posts...
  11. hardcorebiker

    COSMO NAMES Buy Domains with Links from HUFFPOST, TECHCRUNCH, FORBES Power Your PBN

    The seller has stated that they are no longer providing this service FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions) 1) What is the procedure after order is placed? After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the domain(s) to your email in a spreadsheet format where you will get a full overview of...
  12. hardcorebiker

    [GIVEAWAY] Expired Domain with Links from Huffington and other Popular News Sites

    Hi Blackhatters Since I have finished making my PBN, I had some spare domains left which I thought could interest some of you. Here is the domain : [Edit: Domain is taken] This particular domain has strong do-follow links from HuffingtonPost, TrendHunter and other...
  13. hardcorebiker

    [Giveaway] Free Ahrefs Backlink report to first 20 posters

    I can generate upto 5k backlinks since I have a professional plan there so I am giving away free Ahrefs report to anyone. Just PM me 1 domain/url for which you need the report on and I will send you the link to download the report This offer is valid only to first 20 posters..
  14. hardcorebiker

    [JV] Need 5 EMD's/Partial domains for testing purpose

    I need 5 EMD/Partial match domains with at least 1 page of content. This is for testing purpose and here are the conditions 1) No SEO done (You can register a new one if you want and add 1 quality article) 2) This is for testing purpose so don't blame if your site tanks later.. 3) Good Onpage...
  15. hardcorebiker

    Question to Indian Windows VPS users

    Hey, anyone of you face any lag while using Windows VPS from Berman Hosting or powerup hosting through Remote desktop connection? Their servers are located either in US or Germany. I am facing lots of lag and its pissing me off and none of them have their data center in Asia which sucks..Please...
  16. hardcorebiker

    How much RAM is needed to open a 1 GB+ Notepad file?

    I was trying out the new GScraper and it generated a 1 GB file+ which my VPS isn't able to open(Its just 1GB ram). It keeps on hanging and the software also isn't able to handle that load. Any solution to this?
  17. hardcorebiker

    [Giveaway] Super Low Competition keywords for first 20 posters

    I am giving away 20 low competition keywords. The first 20 posters here will get 1 super low competition keyword. I can't promise that it will be EMD but even if its not that should not matter and yes I won't use them or share them with anyone except the winner itself The keywords will be 1000+...
  18. hardcorebiker

    Fileice registrations closed?

    I am trying to register for Fileice for past 7 days but i see the same f*king message Registrations have been closed for routine maintenance.They will be re-opened within a day or two, check back soon! Any idea how to get through this? I'm already on Sharecash but want to get into Fileice...
  19. hardcorebiker

    Warren Buffet - Worlds Greatest Money Maker

    You must check out this documentary and see how this genious did it and the documentary also gives us some awesome tips Although, one thing I don't understand why he doesn't spend on luxuries as he still stays in a $30k house and drives a cheap car :O
  20. hardcorebiker

    Anyone here from Goa, India?

    Just wanted to know if there is anyone from BHW residing in Goa, India. Just wanted to meetup locally if there is anyone? :)