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  1. itz_styx

    What do YOU think is the "best" Programming Language & Why?

    C is the best for sure. then C# for not having to worry about memory allocation :D they are markup languages not programming languages:
  2. itz_styx

    ✨ARGO content - Website generator, WP AutoBlogging, PBN, Article scraping + Internal spinner! ✨

    the black friday deals are also valid for cyber monday!
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    Question about my competitor

    what people fail to understand is that backlinks dont always have to be from the same/similar niche sites. sure it looks cleaner, but for someone who doesnt care if the links come from adult or payday sites it can work just as well.
  4. itz_styx

    Which country has the tastiest food?

    many countries have good food, but nobody beats italy! :D they also have the best wine in the world.
  5. itz_styx

    ✨ARGO content - Website generator, WP AutoBlogging, PBN, Article scraping + Internal spinner! ✨

    just FYI as people keep asking, the black friday deals are still active :)
  6. itz_styx

    Scared Of The Frame Work?

    in all your posts you just seem to copy+paste stuff you get from newsletters or whatever ...
  7. itz_styx

    [Journey] AI Blogging on an Expired Doamin

    good luck! don't worry too much if all the AI articles pass plagiarism checks, it doesn't matter to google if there is a bit of dup sentences and personally i think its just a waste of time.
  8. itz_styx

    Any breatharians here? (people who get their food from thin air)

    let them.. more food for the rest of us :D
  9. itz_styx

    Click here vs Keyword backlink

    mix it up, "click here", anchor, blank url etc
  10. itz_styx

    Rate my opsec setup

    also not telling on a public forum how exactly you hide would be a start :D
  11. itz_styx

    Easily earn $1700 monthly by self-made AI content

    nice, another proof that AI content still works well even after the update ;)
  12. itz_styx

    What's your Online Earning Method?

    exactly, but many people don't understand this.
  13. itz_styx

    Hit by Google's Spam Update? Here's what to do next.

    or just ignore it and keep going. you can still rank with stuff that is against google ToS, there are many examples. its just how you do it. some clean whitehat sites got hit too, while auto generated/AI/PAA sites got a boost from the last update lol its the same after every spam update since...
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    Which are the Best Link Building Services here on BHW?? SERP Movement Guaranteed??

    create your own, afterall most of the services also use automated tools.
  15. itz_styx

    Backlink homepage

    homepage links are the best kind of links. of course you can have your keyword as link. why wouldnt it be natural? to take your example if you want to have "haircut" and link to a hairdresser, sure thats fine and on topic. also makes sense to use matching keywords to describe what content the...
  16. itz_styx

    can someone help how adult posting on reddit works?

    reddit is not easy, you might get banned for silly things. just check what the others in the sub do. every sub has different rules and the mods are very strict usually. also yes 1 karma might also be an issue for the mods there. grow your account first, its easy to get 1k karma with a single...
  17. itz_styx

    Do you disable WEBRTC or not?

    as you already noted it can leak your real IP which makes use of a proxy/VPN useless if you want to hide your location. i would disable it.