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  1. thevideoguy

    Offshore Hosting & Domain Name Question

    If you are hosting offshore for legal reasons you may or may not want the domain tied to your real identity, obviously depends on the situation. If you don't then use a different name. You could go: Whonix/TOR + anon crypto payment (monero, ideally) + anon registrant details + use domain...
  2. thevideoguy

    There is a scam where fraudsters will setup fake crypto exchanges/sites, mass DM spam accounts on social media platforms that they have won x amount of crypto and they just have to make a deposit first to verify account or withdrawal funds or whatever trick they are using. Then when you deposit...
  3. thevideoguy

    How to host in

    I believe that is, the platform that most smm panels use for their sites. All of their plans include hosting.
  4. thevideoguy

    Buy Wordpress Theme with Cryptos

    Sounds like you got a good contact. The other way to DIY is to buy anonymous VCC's from a seller who can guarantee their cards will work with themeforest (check BHW marketplace). Pay them crypto, get a card, place the theme order yourself :)
  5. thevideoguy

    Omicron Not A Million

    That chart is pretty wild though, increase in cases is fucking fast man. Most cases are only from the past few days and there is quite the delay between getting infected and dying so you can't really claim that it isn't deadly, yet. If you think the models the government is using are wrong, what...
  6. thevideoguy

    Youtube ads getting too much

    What device you on bro? You need an adblocker, ublock origin works well for me :)
  7. thevideoguy

    How to get rid of scammers on the forum | 100% working (no clickbait)

    Your suggestion is a logistical nightmare tbh, not going to be possible and people will still get scammed. For small transactions an escrow service would probably protect more people from scams, some other forums have them as people have said for selling accounts and whatnot plus BHW can...
  8. thevideoguy

    Is bitcoin going to the moon right now?

    Good, way to many shitcoins worth way too much money. About time lol. Anyways, after the thousandth massive drop you get used to it :D
  9. thevideoguy

    Dangerous B.1.1.529 Variant is spreading

    critical mistake - 2 masks for sex not 1 lmao u tryna die? must boof all the vax double dosed at once sir for 100% protecto guarantee
  10. thevideoguy

    suport BHW touch me

    Interesting. So what's the scam? They just selling something shit or is it malware?
  11. thevideoguy

    Germany To Follow Austria In Locking Down Unvaccinated Citizens

    Where's the image showing 48 vaccinated deaths 0 unvaccinated deaths in same timeframe? I'm curious. If it's a location where every death is an elderly person and every elderly person is vaccinated I've gotta make fun of you for not being able to understand the data sorry bro :D FYI, if 100%...
  12. thevideoguy

    Gibraltar...118% Vaccinated, CANCELS CHRISTMAS & All Upcoming Events!

    Can you clarify the point you're making with this thread? Seems like intentional misinformation unless I'm missing something. I can see a high vaccine rate coupled with low death rate and that's about it... They've had 10's of new confirmed cases per day but deaths aren't rising according to...
  13. thevideoguy

    BTC Dump, what to do?

    It's a long term strategy of buying in very small quantities at regular intervals for like 5 or 10 years straight so you won't know for a long time if you won or lost. No panic sell because no panic because no emotion, invest like a robot :D
  14. thevideoguy

    How long should I wait before shit listing someone?

    Depends on the amount of money involved and agreed turn around time, and whether they have actually been online. In most cases I'd probably shitlist about now. But first, find there contact details on every platform you can and message them once everywhere again, warm them that you're going to...
  15. thevideoguy

    Plato Said It Best

    Terrible quote. What about p*dofile r*pists? Don't you think they are more hated then some guy telling the truth? Jk :D
  16. thevideoguy

    BTC Dump, what to do?

    After years of following the crypto markets I've become desensitised to the dumps and pumps, it doesn't matter anymore. I just pick a bunch of cryptocurrencies that I think will be worth significantly more several years down the line, then slowly buy small amounts every few weeks when I can...
  17. thevideoguy

    Anyone got domain suspended

    You have to provide the details they ask for but they don't verify them. Get a fake address here: for most domain extensions you can use whois privacy to hide these details from the public as well.
  18. thevideoguy

    Walmart Announces Partnership with Litecoin {NOW CONFIRMED FAKE}

    The press release is sketchy especially the email not being the real walmart domain. Probably fake. I'm not sure why they would only accept litecoin as well, unusual way to roll out crypto payments if it was true.