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  1. kenksk

    [JV] my FB ads account and balance + your campaigns

    Got a good FB ads account with decent spend a few years back sitting idle. If you have a good idea, let's put it to use. Not looking to burn the account so please only contact with sensible offers. We can start small to prove the concept and go from there.
  2. kenksk

    copy functionality from a NFT collection display site

    Need to copy all the functionality from a site and add a few things. Also will need your help to set up the contents. PM for details.
  3. kenksk

    Create responsive website design that can be used for a HTML website

    Looking for someone to design a website. You can use whatever tool you want but the elements should be usable to create a HTML website from it. If you can convert the design to HTML & CSS, even better. Website needs to be responsive. Consists of main page + 2-3 separate pages. Theme is crypto...
  4. kenksk

    [JV] My product, your leads

    Looking for one or multiple persons who would work on marketing a service. Can be any method of marketing but you should have experience in marketing services aimed at the IM industry. In return you would get a 50% share of the profits. PM me with your Skype and let's talk if you're interested :)
  5. kenksk

    Experienced marketer

    Looking for somebody with marketing skills. Be it PPC or any other method. PM me :)
  6. kenksk

    [FREE REVIEWS] Organic Google traffic boosting

    Giving out free copies of the trial package of our google traffic boosting service in return for a review. Thread can be found here. Trial package includes 50 visits from USA within 24 hours. If you're interested, just post here and I'll contact you via PM :) Requirements: Post count 200+...
  7. kenksk

    Provider of Google Search Traffic [Boost your Stats & Rankings]

    This service is provided in collaboration with @jon99
  8. kenksk

    [RadMediaServices] The Rad Money Site Content You're Missing

    Are you looking for awesome money site quality content? I happen to love creating just that! Stop messing around with the bottom of the barrel "native" writers with TATs longer than Shakespeare's and come over to the rad side! So what's so rad about it? I will personally write you the...
  9. kenksk

    [JV] Partner for Marketing

    Hello, we are looking to add a partner to our team who will be responsible for marketing. Currently there are two of us, my partner is in charge of content while I'm handling orders and everything else. Our website has been converting pretty decently, but need to drive serious traffic to...
  10. kenksk

    Payment gateways in Nigeria

    Anybody know the best payment gateways in Nigeria that are easy to get accepted to? Especially interested in mobile gateways. Willing to pay 20$ to a local for good info if nobody else helps :)
  11. kenksk

    Try harder guys

    Received this at my workplace's helpdesk today, everybody laughed their ass off :D
  12. kenksk

    Pay per call/sms numbers

    Can anybody reccommend a service where you can set up a number that charges for sms and calls? Looking for an international solution where the caller can be from another country and minimal hassle with setup.
  13. kenksk

    Need more sales for video creation service

    Hi, I offer an animated video creation service. Explainer videos, commercials, whiteboard etc. I recently started a BST here as well but I would like to really kick it in high-gear as this is something I enjoy doing. If you think you have a way to generate leads, I'm happy to pay commission or...
  14. kenksk

    Content writer

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to write articles/reviews for an Amazon affiliate site. Needs to be decent English, doesn't have to be perfect as I can edit later. Looking for a reasonable price though. Please make your offer per 100 words.
  15. kenksk

    Affordable Premium Animated Video Service - from $0.50/sec

    As a special review offer, the first 3 purchases will be -50% in return of a review!
  16. kenksk

    Journey to learn SEO&IM and make any $

    First of all, hello everybody. I've been lurking around here for a while now but haven't really posted much but now I need some motivation and maybe some help so it's time to make a journey thread :) So what's up? I'm a 24 year old guy, financially fucked and looking to do something with my...