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  1. Matta28

    Google Ads Certification - Where would you take it?

    I looked for some cources to take it to get a legit certification, under I have linked those I found. But do you guys know one that is up to date here in Aug 2022?
  2. Matta28

    Discontinuation of the Partner Program for Quora in English

    What do you think?
  3. Matta28

    A Noobs Blogging Journey To $100 Per Day

    This journey has actually been ongoing for 8 months, but I'm finally making it "official" on BHW ;) It's a blog in a very small and specific niche. It has been easy to rank and create articles. I've had none experience in SEO before I started and it's been a nice ride so far. I started in early...
  4. Matta28

    I think MisterF is a nice person

    What have you done, @MisterF ?
  5. Matta28

    I Woke Up To This In My Mail

  6. Matta28

    Monetize FB groups

    Something really strange happened yesterday and the day before that. First I got an notification to accept being admin at one group with 31k members Yesterday the same happened again, this time the group have 120k members. How can I monetize these groups? Both groups are getting pretty...
  7. Matta28

    Adsense alternative for recipe niche?

    I have an blog that is currently monetized with Adsense, but it got rejected by Ezoic. It's in a specific recipe niche, any alternatives?
  8. Matta28

    Permalinks plain even if i change them

    Hi, I have the problem that permalinks are plain even if they are set to "post name", "numeric" etc. I have googled some solutions and tried them out, like: "reset permalinks" deactivating all plugins changed .htaccess file
  9. Matta28

    Tiktok ads in EU

    Have some one here tested tiktok ads in EU? As far as I know EU accounts can't promote in the US, so I just want to know the results for people that have promoted in EU
  10. Matta28

    How to know if its US account?

    Hi, I might post HAF/WTB about buying US tiktok accounts, but how can I be 100% sure its a US acc? I'm noob in this field, but looks like dropshipping in tiktok organic and ads are on fire nowadays. I downloaded tiktok on my old phone with nordpvn on and created account, but it seems like it...
  11. Matta28

    Website hacked? Redirection to offers

    Hi, I have been away a while due personal stuff. Today i tried to go to one of my websites, but it then redirected me to some betting offer. So I guess my site is hacked. I have tried to check if its some redirections in cpanel but could not find anything. I have also tried an backup from...
  12. Matta28

    Anyone blogging in your own language? (non-english)

    Does many of you blog in your own language, or does autoblogging? How is it going for you, do you find it easier than blogging in English? And how is it with ads/affiliate stuff? I'm thinking starting a few blogs in Norwegian, but we have around 5mill people here speaking Norwegian in our...
  13. Matta28

    Buy new domain vs. expired?

    I'm thinking to create a blog and monetize it after a while with ads and/or affiliate links. Should I buy a fresh never used domain or should I go for a expired domain? The screenshot below is from expireddomains and I just wrote blackhat and got some domain names, what should I look at when...
  14. Matta28

    Ad networks for starter sites (other than google adsense)

    As the title says, which other ad networks can a person apply to, with a starter site? Beside Google adsense
  15. Matta28

    New feed post update?

    Some weeks ago I noticed on my feed that account A and Account B posted the same image. So next to the profile picture in the top-left, it says Account A and Account B. How the hell can I also do this? If I see this in the feed I will post a screenshot so you can understand
  16. Matta28

    Someone else that not getting any response when appealing banned accounts?

    The past few weeks, whenever I've been appeling accounts, it only took a few hours to 24h to get them unbanned. But now nothing happens and I re-appeal and re-appeal and n nothing. I've also the last months experienced that I don't even have to take a selfie with the paper etc. I've only used...
  17. Matta28

    "can't find user ID" when appealing on IG

    As the title says and check the attached photo, wth am I doing wrong? I get this both on PC and phone, tried appealing with different IG accounts, but still same message
  18. Matta28

    6 accounts on my phone?

    Have I glitched Instagram or something? I've logged in with 6 accounts on instagram
  19. Matta28

    Thread about banned members

    I would love to have a thread about why the members are banned, since I think not everyone are banned from being shitlisted. I see more often older accounts, people with XXXX posts, etc getting banned. Don't need an entire sub-forum, just maybe one thread where only the mods can post some word...
  20. Matta28

    cpa + microworkers = ???

    Hi, The past days I have read both on and off BHW about using microworkers for tasks like email sign up on yout cpa offer, and then you profit. Some says you will get banned from the networks, and other says it's totally fine. So are people here doing this or can you be banned? I think this...