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  1. AlbinKurti

    ✅(Guide) How to design a PERFECT Affiliate Website

    I have been following Matt Diggity's YouTube videos for months now and he keeps sharing great gems. He looks like he knows what he is talking about.
  2. AlbinKurti

    Is Java easy to learn?

    Ok, so i am offered a free course in one of the following: Java Developer, salesforce, SDET, CyberSecurity. The only reason why I want to finish this course is that I will get hired by the same company after i finish it. Now they offered me to choose one of these courses. Java developer looks...
  3. AlbinKurti

    ✅ Did your SITE get HIT by Google May Core Update? (READ THIS!!!)✔️✔️

    If your website got hit by Google May Algorithm Update, you have to check out this Study from Alexander Vasev on twitter. He explains how most of the websites that got hit had identical traffic drop patterns. He also shares a graph about Google rankings showing a query dropping off of the Top...
  4. AlbinKurti

    [GUIDE] Get traffic in Snapchat using Tinder (How to avoid shadowban)

    First, I want to say that this method is not made by me, I found this one in another forum and I think it's well explained. What this method is gonna explain is how to drive traffic from Tinder to your Snapchat, Instagram or anywhere you want and convert CPA or other adult offers. You will have...
  5. AlbinKurti

    [Method] Keyword Research for FREE in 2022 ✔️✔️✔️

    Today, I'm going to show you how I do Keyword Research for free. Tools we are going to use: Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator : Keyword Engineer ( Free tool to find keywords shared on BHW ) ...
  6. AlbinKurti

    [Method] Find out if you are next in line for the Snippet

    With the new Google algorithm update, i have been seeing a lot of people losing all their snippets in google search and losing all their website traffic. With this little trick you can see in google if you are next in line to win the snippet for the search. You can use the Minus Operator (-)...
  7. AlbinKurti

    Google Search May 2022 Core Update

    Algorithm Update is rolling out guys. Did you notice any change? One thing I noticed was seeing the FAQ sections of posts showing now on google Google Update
  8. AlbinKurti

    LocalMotors domain sold for $88k

    Do you think this domain is worth $88k? I saw a $28.5k bid from a guy on twitter and i thought that was too much, but in the end the domain was actually sold for $88k in Godaddy marketplace.
  9. AlbinKurti

    SnapChat Link Swipe Up

    Hey, i tried to do Snapchat cpa link in story but when i attach the link to the story and make it as a swipe up, when i swipe up it opens as an attachment and you need to click it a second time to open. But i have seen people make their stories so they are sent to the link when you swipe up...
  10. AlbinKurti

    How to show subcategories in parent category?

    Do you guys have any idea how can i show my subcategories in parent category in wordpress? Something like And do you know if its possible that when i post an article in one of the subcategories, the post is shown only in the subcategory and not in the parent category?
  11. AlbinKurti

    Did you like the final of Peaky Blinders?

    I really enjoyed the last episode, but i wanted something big to happen in the end. Did you like the final of Peaky Blinders?
  12. AlbinKurti

    Cloudflare broke my site

    Hey, wanted to add my site to cloudflare because I read that it will speed my site. Since I use WP-rocket I didn't turn Minify ccs, html or JavaScript on in cloudflare. I have 100 Score on mobile and desktop but i can't see the images or css on my website at all and everything looks broken? How...
  13. AlbinKurti

    What you do with your blog?

    Hey guys wanted to ask you, recently i created a site. My homepage is the blog not a static one so wanted to know if you would use infinite scroll or use pages like page 1 page 2?
  14. AlbinKurti

    [JOURNEY] Rank with Translated Content

    Hello everyone, i decided to open a journey about my new website I created today in which I will publish translated articles as many as I can and see if it ranks, I will do it all manually, I will use DeepL for this website. Goal: Translate and publish as many posts as i can and try rank on...
  15. AlbinKurti

    First time I felt an earthquake

    Before 30 minutes was the first time ever i felt an earthquake, it shook all my body. It was a really bad feeling and i got scared a little. Have you ever felt an earthquake?
  16. AlbinKurti

    Translated articles website stats

    I crated this site 2 months ago and all my articles are translated content. Yesterday in 31st i got 4k clicks because i'm ranking number 1 for a good keyword for new year lol
  17. AlbinKurti

    Happy New Year 2022 to all BHW members except scammers

    Happy 2022 to everyone, i hope it will be a better year than the last one for all of you
  18. AlbinKurti

    [FREE] UDEMY COURSES 08/12/2021

    Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2022: Video Editing for Beginners Filmora 9 And X: Zero to Hero in Video Editing (2022) Learn 4 STEPS to Make Money Online by Blogging! How to Make Money Online for Beginners: Follow PROVEN STEPS! The Ultimate Forex Trading Beginners Guide Mastering Digital Music DAW...
  19. AlbinKurti

    Is this normal for Youtube SHorts Channel?

    I got 400.000 Views in the last 2 day, and my subscribers count went from 800 to 900. DO you think its normal for a YouTube shorts channel to gain only 100 subscribers from 400k views?>
  20. AlbinKurti

    [FREE] Udemy Courses 03.12.2021

    Piano by Ear - Piano lessons for Piano and Keyboard Passive Income: 27 Ways to Earn Passive Income Online VidIQ Masterclass - Full Guide to YouTube Keyword Tool Make Money From Home: 12 EASY Options to Make Money Now SaaS Marketing, Metrics for Managers and Founders Complete Guide to...