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  1. yakuzaemme

    Remove 52% of all Freebies/Giveaways as they break the rules

    My free indexation giveaway was closed, as it doesn't adhere to one of the Freebies/Giveaway subforum rules: I'd like to see some clarification or adjustments to this rule. By itself, it would get rid of 52% of all open threads posted just this year, as they all violate that rule. For when...
  2. yakuzaemme

    [HAF] Scrape/Parse this page - get $100 instantly + job offer (Python/C#/Node.js)

    I'm looking for another talented developer to join the team, and thought I'd make the test challenge public - both so others can learn, but to make it a bit of fun as well. The test is very straight-forward: 1. Parse business data from URL listed below 2. No headless browser, strictly DOM...
  3. yakuzaemme

    [Suggestion] Sort functionality on homepage (with demo video)

    Changes to the homepage has been wished for since forever, but BHW has it's reasons why not to do add filters etc. Here's another take on it - sort functionality. Let the user sort by either last activity (as it is today), or by thread creation date. This will make it easier to spot new...
  4. yakuzaemme

    If you could have any tool for free, what would it be? Ahrefs, Moz etc.

    Just as the title say. If you could have any tool for free, what would it be? This includes SEO tools, keyword research, SERP trackers, you name it.
  5. yakuzaemme

    Anyone that lives in Greece? Buying properties - have a few questions

    Looking at a few properties in Athens/Korinthos. Could someone that lives in Greece (and have some experience with apartment prices) help me out? I've got a list of properties from a real-estate company, but not sure about the areas. Thank you very much! Emil
  6. yakuzaemme

    What productivity tools and methods do you use?

    I'm a productivity junkie - always exploring new methods in order to be more productive, focused and reach my goals. Daily to-do list: Todoist Time logger: RescueTime Browser: Stack (highly recommend - thanks @X) Focus method: Pomodoro timer (Pomotodo) Email client: Mailbird + Sanebox (always 0...
  7. yakuzaemme

    It's 8:45am and I just finished my entire weeks tasks. Water-fasting is truly remarkable

    I'm 81 hours in my water fast (only water, zero food) - and the energy levels are amazing. I've done a handful of fasts before - but nothing beats this one. Woke up at 6 am with crazy energy, and managed to complete my entire week's tasks in just under 3 hours. Seriously - if you haven't tried...
  8. yakuzaemme

    [JV] Full-stack developer to join existing site (500k views/month - profitable) - Stats posted inside

    Looking for a partner to join me in managing the site, as I don't have enough time on my hands. - Authority website, started 2012 - Currently getting 500k hits/month, all traffic from Sweden (high-CPM) - Making between $2000-$3000 profit per month - In it's prime time (2016) it was getting 1.5m...
  9. yakuzaemme

    [Hiring] Front-end Developer for super simple job (needs to be done tomorrow)

    Literally super simple. 1) Copy this page/table: 2) Add datatables to it (with child rows): 3) Tidy up any visual bugs so it looks nice. Done. This needs to be done by tomorrow...
  10. yakuzaemme

    [Bug] Conversations in dropdown are sorted wrong

    The order of conversations differs between the dropdown and conversations page. The conversations page is the correct version (sorted by last activity), whereas the dropdown seem to sort by unread first
  11. yakuzaemme

    [FREE TESTER] Upto 1.000.000 index links + 100k social shares, web 2.0s etc (Free)

    Looking for some test sites to try an upcoming (free) service for BHW members. The service will be suited for money-sites. The service will: - Scan all your internal links and index them with Google - Scan all your backlinks and index them with Google + send social shares to every backlink -...
  12. yakuzaemme

    [GIVEAWAY] ♛ Premium Expired Domains - 100% Free - Updated Daily

    In celebration of BHW 2.0, I'm doing a giveaway of "premium" expired domains, updated daily the moment they drop. This thread will be updated as soon as new domains are added. Make sure to get notifications of this thread to not miss any golden domains. Where do these domains come from...
  13. yakuzaemme

    See you on the other side

    So we're officially 12 hours from the release of BHW 2.0. As both a business owner and developer myself - I know how nerve-wracking it is to release big changes to a live audience. What can you expect from a massive migration like this? A wild guess is that only 1% of the community (if that)...
  14. yakuzaemme

    [GIVEAWAY] Premium Keyword Research Reports - INSTANT delivery - 100% Free (BHW Exclusive)

    Time for yet another BHW exclusive. Same as my other releases - totally free, just because this forum & you members rock. You will get up to 40.000 keyword suggestions, categorized into 4 categories to meet all requirements to rank and bank. Report Data Search Volume Ranking Difficulty...
  15. yakuzaemme

    [Quick Tutorial] Scrape & Index All Your Backlinks (Free)

    One of the fundamentals of link building is making sure all your backlinks are indexed (so Google knows about them). Step 1. Export Backlinks If you have tools such as Ahrefs, Moz, Semrush etc - use these to export all your backlinks. If you don't have access to such tools, and are looking...
  16. yakuzaemme

    [GIVEAWAY] Unlimited* Link Indexation - INSTANT crawling - Boost your SEO for free (BHW Exclusive)

    It's time for another BHW exclusive. I've built a tool that lets you index links with Google with an extremely high success rate, and a 100% crawl-rate. 100% automated with instant start. Completely free for all BHW members! What is link indexing? Link indexing is the inclusion of your...
  17. yakuzaemme

    How an Indian callcenter ranked better than Google

    Skip to 17:40 Pretty interesting seeing how they attack a keyword from multiple angles (blog posts, ppt, pdf, videos, bookmarks, smo, image, profiles etc) and manage to dominate the search result for branded keywords. The video also shows the sites they use - some of those are disclosed here...
  18. yakuzaemme

    [Joint Venture] China-based person to join new venture - with equity + monthly salary

    We're looking for our last team member to be apart of a great new venture, that heavily relies on good suppliers and direct-contact with factories from China. What we ask of you: - You live in China Mainland or Hong Kong - You speak fluent mandarin - Decent level English (written) - Ability to...
  19. yakuzaemme

    Any chinese members / Is BHW allowed in China?

    Came across about every country on here - except China. Are there any Chinese members here (living in China, speaking mandarin)? Is there any way of checking if BHW is banned in China?