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  1. Brickbat1

    What to do when a client pays a deposit and runs away? :)

    So for a couple of weeks now, I have been waiting on this client to take delivery of what he ordered and paid a deposit for. He wont respond to messages (that has been his manner anyway, even from the beginning). I made it pretty easy on him, only taking a 12.5% deposit. Now i am beginning to...
  2. Brickbat1

    How exactly do folks make money on Tiktok livestreams?

    So I see some streamers interracting encouraging their viewers to give gifts etc, likes and so on. What exactly is the gain in that? I am still struggling to comprehend the tiktok craze. Got to this point because someone asked me to make a tiktok livestream bot, so i went over to check it out to...
  3. Brickbat1

    Who can solve this kind of slider Captcha

    I thought it was Geetest captcha but evidently it is not. Anyone knows which service/tool can solve it?
  4. Brickbat1

    Who knows how to fund, use (make transfers) and defund Tron shielded wallets

    I have spent some time trying to find out how to move funds from an unshielded wallet to a shielded wallet to no avail. Cant find any helpful info on it either. Anyone know how this is done? I am using the Tronlinkpro wallet app. Thanks
  5. Brickbat1

    Which service can solve this animated image-text captcha and what is this type of captcha called?

    Hi friends, been a little stumped by this captcha. Dont know which service can solve it. Any ideas? Its animated, even though it looks like an image here. You can click on it to see it in animation mode on imgur where the video is hosted. Thanks!
  6. Brickbat1

    Is it possible for "Latest Marketplace Threads" links in the Newsletter to link to only new marketplace threads?

    I notice currently, the links lead to the marketplace section for that category. The problem with that is that older threads are active there and get mixed up with the new ones and it becomes like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find the new threads. Or perhaps is there some search...
  7. Brickbat1

    Can anyone explain the relationship between age of account, karma and upvotes counting on Reddit?

    So I know aged accounts and accounts with karma are needed for an accounts upvote to count. My questions are - 1. how old does an account need to be? I see requests for widely varying ages for Reddit accounts.. Why is that? 2. Do upvotes from different quality accounts have different weights...
  8. Brickbat1

    FOMC tomorrow..75bp increase expected - what if its 100bp? - Bloodbath in the markets

    Bitcoin of late has proven to be aleading indicator to the equities market. It has headed lower last 48 hours and with the FOMC meeting tomorrow where pundits are expecting the Feds to temper their aggressive hawkish stance with the realities of the risk of a recession: what if they maintain...
  9. Brickbat1

    Fullstack Blockchain dev required to make a fairly simple DAPP. Budget $500+

    I am looking for a dev that can take a simple DAPP idea and develop it to usable state. There are several open github projects that are very close to the concept I have so the task may simply be taking one of such and modifying it to achieve what i want to do but if you so desire, you can build...
  10. Brickbat1

    MicroStrategy and Celsius about to trigger a further crypto crash

    MicroStrategy recently mentioned they would need to cover if Bitcoin drops to 22k or thereabout. It seemed it could not happen then because then, Bitcoin was above 30K. Here we are, with Celsius which holds more Bitcoin than Microstrategy in trouble, bringing Bitcoin price down to 24.5k, a mere...
  11. Brickbat1

    Fix a Uniswap V2 Dex arbitrage bot - Node.js and Solidity required

    So I have this Dex arbitrage bot script that was designed to arbitrage between Dexes which are running a fork of Uniswap V2. It works well for two such Dexes, but when I try to use another Uniswap v2 based dex (just switching one of the working dex router address with the new one) it fails. I...
  12. Brickbat1

    Have you ever tried Crypto Arbitrage and did you make any money?

    So I have been looking into this and I find it seems to be harder than they make it sound on youtube. Share if you have had any experience doing this whether positive or negative, perhaps I can learn something from your experience. Can it be done manually or only with tools? If tools, what are...
  13. Brickbat1

    Youtube is aiding and abetting crypto scam

    I have come to this conclusion because I have seen a number a clear crypto scams on youtube and there was no immediately visible way to report them or warn viewers (comments turned off). When you check the address the scammers are using on block explorer, its shocking to see them creaming away...
  14. Brickbat1

    Interesting new Crypto Scam targeting smart contract wallets on Binance Smart Chain

    So I decided to do an audit of one of my wallet addresses via bscscan and discovered several inflows of different tokens to my wallet that I was unaware of. I fished out the contract addresses of one of the tokens and searched them out via poocoin and discovered it had liquidity of over 100 BNB...
  15. Brickbat1

    WTH a Crypto Twitter Influencer for a crypto project

    Hey, if you can deliver a real crypto Twitter Influencer to hype a crypto project to their followers, then DM me. Budget available. When sending Dm, let me know the follower size of the Influencer at the minimum.
  16. Brickbat1

    3350 Crypto Telegram Groups list with 1.1 million live online members plus free Group Shill bot for $100

    As the title says, you get a clean list of 3350 Crypto related Telegram groups. The total number of members online at the time the list was built was about 1.1 million. The total members is actually about 16 million. The group with the smallest number of members has about 100 members, while the...
  17. Brickbat1

    How is this type of Crypto scam possible?

    I witnessed twice now, a fresh token add liquidity on PCS V2, looked at the contract and it had ownership revoked, had almost all tokens in the contract, had a burn address and liquidity was locked for one year. Liquidity was large also, over $10k. Then after some minutes, in both cases not up...
  18. Brickbat1

    Any Coin Presales IDO analysis Groups out there?

    Wondering if anyone is in such a group. I am in one for launches and it surely cuts the time needed to analyze the constant stream of new tokens. So if there is one for presales and IDOs, I will like to know about it.
  19. Brickbat1

    Greenmoon going 4000+% in 24 hours !

    I just jumped in haha... This is crazyyyyy!!! From their website, price will increase 12.5 percent every 8 hours!!.. Though its a rebase token though - meaning the number of tokens you hold will continue to decrease but will remain in the same proportion to the circulating supply as it was when...
  20. Brickbat1

    Accepting a HAF with less than circa 50% upfront - a big No No

    So a client just abandoned a job on me cancelling after I had already spent my precious time and already delivered the product (recoverable actually). Time that I could have channelled into other valuable things - that's the most painful part : things I had to give up doing to get the job done...