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  1. noob411

    Making Ebooks... Need some help

    Ok so I was wondering, I would love to make a few ebooks but I have NO CLUE how to do it. Are there any suggested sites to help a sister out! Been to a few when i googled "how to make a ebook" but BLAHHH i wonder whats up with google nowadays.
  2. noob411

    Fiver r funny story brah

    Ok HI Everyone!!! This come courtesy from moi..... I do alot of my work on fiverr ALOT of work on fiverr, the other day I was sitting at my pc thinking gawwwd this is BORING so I had a small idea, I have been writing positive reviews for peoples products for about 3 months now, so I made a new...
  3. noob411

    Back on the bandwagon!

    Wow so after being MIA for sooooo long now dealing with life and its treasures. I have decided to make a comeback.... I know rules have changed. Just need to get back to making some money cause its fun and you all know its fun! I have active and good standing accounts with all major an programs...
  4. noob411

    Ah Help!

    Does anyone here have a coupon code for a airline ticket! I will use ur affiliate link to get the ticket!!!! thank you!
  5. noob411

    Need some help... Need to monetize my situation

    I am in a very odd spot in life and I know in my heart I can turn this situation in to a profitable one. Here it goes....... this is my brother in law...... we are going to his grand jury really soon and no one knows about this yet except me and the...
  6. noob411

    8 years married 2nd day single?

    OMG how weird is this. Like in a daze. My world is changing on a daily basis. 8 years gone in a flash, he was awesome and miserable at the same time. Any one been here b4. Going nuts.
  7. noob411

    6 Months off now time to get in the swing again...

    Hey BHW I am back full time now. Been a while since I have been on and really miss it here.... Has anything changed? Will be utilizing parts of bhw that I never used before. So I will be popping up everywhere lol. Very happy that this is still here though!!!!! Have over 100,000 new post to...
  8. noob411

    Video Break

    My daughter is hooked on this song. Its cute and funny.
  9. noob411

    Law Abiding Citizen ROCKS

    OMG so I usually wouldn't post a movie here but it was a sigh of relief. A great movie freekin all should go see it!!!!:D Went last night with my man and I didn't fall asleep!!!!
  10. noob411

    The Destruction of a Noob

    Well not fully, but wow. I thought I would post this here cuz most of us here are here to better ourselves, so then I wonder wtf did I do in my last life? I am literally cursed here, I don't know how to reverse it, its not about money its about life. You all used to see me tons here. But lately...
  11. noob411

    Need advice?

    I had my mother move in with me when her sister my aunt kicked her out. Which was great for me because I could get work done. So we moved to Florida from Oregon and now because my husband doesn't want my daughter to say "thank you jes*s" she wants next month to go back to oregon. So heres where...
  12. noob411

    Jokes :)

    A very very bad man died, he was at gates of heaven, the angel said in order for you to enter heaven you have 3 options and before him were three doors. He opened the first door and saw a man hanging upside down being whipped. He opened the second door and saw a man lying down being whipped. He...
  13. noob411

    Revenue HIll? Are they still around?

    Hey so I was wondering a great deal about Revenue Hill does anyone here know what happened to them? If anything? Emails bounce, they don't talk on aim, links are dead, $$$$$$$$$$$$ is owed. Hit and runs are bad karma....voodoo mommie is home in new orleans.
  14. noob411


    Can anyone log in to revenue hill successfully? I know that a lot of companies are pulling a hit and run was wondering if this was one of them?
  15. noob411

    My 1st sale ....

    Haha I am a dork. I made my first @[email protected] sale!!!! Oh happiness! I laugh cuz I only got $1.96 but hey it was a brainless sale! WOOHOOT
  16. noob411

    My goal...a new me!

    Well I have undertaken goals, I quit smoking, and now I have a new goal it is a easy goal it is to make $200/day! I can DO IT! And this goal is all because of BHW, this is like my gratitude thread, Thank you owner and runners of BHW I don't know who you are but I know your here so thank you...
  17. noob411

    Deep Link Question

    Ok so this is a really maybe noob question. I checked for deep links to my website on a site and this is what they say the higher the deep links the better. So i entered my url and this is what they say.... 211 is the number of links to your whole domain 210 is the number of links that go to...
  18. noob411

    My rant about bills and the collectors!

    Ok here is my fucking rant. 1997 was a bad year for me....proof.... today i got a letter from my bank stating that they have deducted 897.00 from a garnishment. I called the collector that was provided on the letter from the bank. I asked wtf is this? He said in 1997 they were granted a...
  19. noob411

    A little RANT!

    I listed my knock off iphone on craigslist, got a fat ass couple explained to them that the batteries need charged and needed a complete charge of 6 hours at least before first use. They got home and no shit said they wanted there money back cause it would not keep a charge, said ok after...
  20. noob411

    Twitter Rolling out Verified Accounts

    Happening this summer because of some arogant idiot who sued twitter for someone posting with his name. Now we all have to suffer, I say we all spam the hell out of him....;posts