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  1. ThatBloke

    Someone who can run online betting/ gambling ads

    Hi! I'm looking for someone who's an expert of running online betting and gambling ads. ( Google Ads/ Facebook & more). Please PM me with the prices. Thank you!
  2. ThatBloke

    Did I get this right? ( Noob question)

    My websites main audience is from US it's getting a decent amount of traffic from US already. Now I want to expand my search traffic into Australian audience too. I could be wrong but I'm planning to build more links to general keywords from local domains (niche relevant guest posts etc.)...
  3. ThatBloke

    What kind of sorcery is this?

    Came across this website yesterday while looking for some expired domains. It was sold for around $150. Their organic traffic went from 0 to 5k in like 15 days. :eek: Have anyone seen something like this?
  4. ThatBloke

    New Google Ads Snippet

    Google Ads are showing as “promoted” instead of “ad” now.
  5. ThatBloke

    Quickest way?

    I’m working with a fairly new website ( domain is 6-8 months old) and have added some original hand written articles in it. How do I get my targeted keywords show up quickly at least within the first 50-100 pages?
  6. ThatBloke

    Ubersuggest or Brand Overflow?

    I'm planning to buy a LTD for one of these tools. Which one is better for keyword research among these two? Thanks!
  7. ThatBloke

    How come? Noob SEO question.

    When I check almost all of my competitors, even though their article is focused around one specific keyword, they end up getting more than 100's of related keywords ranked and getting traffic from them. How does this happen? Should I focus and build links around other related keywords or is this...
  8. ThatBloke

    Frase, OutRanking, WriterZen or NeuronWriter?

    Which one of these tools are best for content optimisation? I don't care much about keyword research since I prefer to do it with Ahrefs. Thanks in advance :)
  9. ThatBloke

    Have lots of original articles. What should I do?

    I have at least 100 original articles which was written by native English writers (SEO optimized). All these content were meant to be posted elsewhere but not within money the site. How can I use them to boost my rankings? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. ThatBloke

    Facebook Ads - Jewelry store! Any Advices?

    I’ve recently started to run ads to one of projects which is selling personalized jewelry. The niche is really broad but the stuff I’m selling is genuinely good. However, with iOS 14.5 and all I’m having hard luck with Facebook ads. I’ve almost spent $1k but only around 12 sales which is crazy...
  11. ThatBloke

    What kind of SEO Sorcery is this?

    So I've been closely following my SEO competitors who are already in the top of my niche and I recently found out that most of them have similar coupon type of websites linking back to them. Even though the domains are not same, but the design is exactly the same in each competitors backlink...
  12. ThatBloke

    What to look for when buying an expired domain for PBN??

    Hi guys! I want to know what are the most important metrics I should look for in an expired domain when it comes to building a PBN. So far I have found few guides here in BHW and also in some other blogs. Summary of my understanding is as follows, 01. Domain should be related to the money site...
  13. ThatBloke

    PBN hosting question??

    I’ve been working on starting my own PBN and now I’m in the point of selecting the host. I have found which is advertised on BHW and they have pretty interesting features. Anyone using their service currently? Also, I found out that they use CDN to cover up the ip address. Is this...
  14. ThatBloke

    Anyone using PBN LTD?

    I have seen many ads around BHW of PBN ltd. Is it any good? The pricing and functions seems too good to be true. thanks in advance!
  15. ThatBloke

    PBN - Will I get caught?

    Sorry I'm a noob when it comes to PBN and I'd like to know some safety questions before I start making my first PBN. First I'd like to know that if I can use a PBN for not just one but many money sites ( I won't make it look spammy. My plan is to nurture and update original content regularly...
  16. ThatBloke

    How to make a good B2B industrial website?

    I’m wondering how to make a converting B2B website for a manufacturing company. Any suggestion? Thanks in advance.
  17. ThatBloke

    Which tool is best for me?

    I have a big amount of websites with original content and I want them to be ranked gradually. I'm writing at least 1 article per week for each of these websites and the content is original and SEO optimized. Since I have a number of website, I want to at least semi-automate SEO. Should I go with...
  18. ThatBloke

    Google Maps Bill

    I have been using Google Maps API for awhile now to develop an app. Today I got a bill from Google for $5000 and my account got temporary suspended for not paying the amount. I was shocked seeing this and I'm a bit worried if they chase me after for this. Will I get in trouble if I don't pay...
  19. ThatBloke

    How SEO sellers promise more than 1000 keywords to be ranked?

    I have been working with some of my Chinese friends lately and it seems like their understanding of SEO is way more crazy than how it is normally. In my understanding, ranking for more than 1k keywords in like 6 months in Google is nearly impossible but proving me wrong, they showed me some of...
  20. ThatBloke

    Facebook Groups/ Pages Scaper

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a reliable Facebook groups and page scraper recommendations. I want to use this scraper to especially curate all the user id’s for my ads campaigns. Thanks in advance!