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    [Keysearch] Cutting Edge Keyword Research & Competition Analysis Tool! Fully Web Based!

    PM me please for lifetime license.
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    Build And Bank Site Journey - 60 Days - 60 Keywords - My Small Site Method to $$$

    Will there be a journey thread for your offline business? Seriously... it's always fun to read your posts. I'm in the planning stage to start a similar rank and bank site as well as an affiliate e-commerce site. I don't know much about finance. For me, it's far more valuable to be able to pick...
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    Real Life Example of How You Can Make an eCommerce Site That Pays You Decent Cash

    Sure BTB. I have no doubt this process should work for e-commerce sites, selling and shipping products themselves. It's the fact that affiliate sites can compete in product search results is the part that I need confirmation about since everyone says that you can't and shouldn't create...
  4. audioguy

    Real Life Example of How You Can Make an eCommerce Site That Pays You Decent Cash

    By e-commerce, you mean affiliate store, right? Not my own e-commerce site, shipping my own product, etc.? Do you have problems outranking other e-commerce sites with affiliate products? Such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.?
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    Build And Bank Site Journey - 60 Days - 60 Keywords - My Small Site Method to $$$

    Hi BTB, I'm attending BHW again after more than a year. I've been working on my business, spending time with my newborn and staying away from forums completely but I missed the interaction so I guess I'm making myself an exception with BHW. I just caught up by reading your new keyword research...
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    $75,000/year from 1 website Within 2 years.

    I'm eager to see how this turns out. Hope you can still find the time in the middle of your busyness. Planning on starting an authority site myself. Been working with small sites for a few years right now. It's entirely different animal to try to rank them. My model is going to be different...
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    Document Sharing Site Submitting Softwares

    I tried to reach the author of DMR but got now news. Good luck with that. I'm still seeking too so if you've made your choice, I'd be interested to know :)
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    WordAi Never Pay for Content Again With one of the Smartest Spinners Ever Created!

    Alex, I still need your reply for my PM :)
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    The Ultimate Amazon Thread Mark 2 - Q/A - Good/Bad

    Each theme may have different wording for licensing but most have single, multiple or developer license.
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    EMD - Case Study

    When you leave comments, do you include a link in the comment? Do you use keyword as the anchor text? Please share more about your SEO strategy.
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    Best Place To Live Abroad?

    Do any of you have resources on how to move to another country? Step by step about what to take. I plan to move every two years. Perhaps a bit too aggressive for a starter, but it has always been my dream. Is there any money, skill or personal requirements a country needs?
  12. audioguy

    What is best to invest?

    That depends on too many factors. I think investing on something you know best is important. As someone who knows nothing about real estate, I own a few estates in growing areas. But I'm not interested in flipping them. They are good investments that will grow over time. Just rent them out so...
  13. audioguy

    help with DNS records plz

    A record * means wildcard as in,,, etc. If you want to resolve, add <blank> in A <IP> www should be an A record, not a CNAME.
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    Any singers here?

    I sang at my friends' wedding. Does that count? I can't compose songs or make music though. Tried that, but not my cup of tea.
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    How To Track Anything With Google Analytics - Opt ins, Affiliate clicks, Sales funnels etc

    Google Analytics can do many amazing things. I suggest people read a good book to get the most out of it. This video is a great start though, for people who want to get into custom tracking immediately.
  16. audioguy

    Are RDP's from a different country laggy?

    It's not about the speed per se. Try pinging the IP, if it's more than 200ms, you'll likely experience lag. Make sure the connection is not congested too. If you have router that has traffic shaping feature, you can prioritize RDP connection so it always has the lowest latency.
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    NATIVE SPEAKERS - Article Writing Service From - Bonus Articles

    Do you offer Amazon product reviews in specific format?
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    The US State Department Bought 2million FaceBook likes for $630,000 SERIOUSLY ????

    No way. I don't know about US, but if it happens here, more likely it is $50k-$100k, but $1 million on paper. In other words, it's not the IMer who benefits most.
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    The ULTIMATE Niche Finder - 50% OFF + Free Lifetime Membership

    @hango: Including the redirection to GKP issue?
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    Getting Nuked By Spam Comments! Need Help

    Antispam Bee is a real free option without requiring any API key. But yea, that is one creative way to use comments, although if you have hundreds of them, you may want to block them. Auto delete every 1 month or so will minimize maintenance time.