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  1. IGKing

    Hiring Wordpress Manager & Designer - Up To $500 Per Site

    Hi there, I need someone to build and manage wordpress sites for me. Job details: - I need someone to help launch about 10 Wordpress sites. The prebuilt Themeforest themes will be provided per site/per project. You just need to design, organize, arrange, utilize the proper plugins, and create...
  2. IGKing

    Hiring Up to 5 Social Media Assistants (Great English Required)

    Hi there, I'm seeking to hire a social media virtual assistant from South America, ideally. I need you to be able to work standard USA hours (no Asia, Africa, or Europe applicants, please). You'll be primarily working customer support. Starting pay is $300-400 USD month. Your responsibility...
  3. IGKing

    Get Rid of BSTs Thread Titles That Abuse Trademarks, Celebrities, Public Companies, Etc

    It's been an established fact that there are many things you can't do with a BST: 1.) You can't make unverifiable claims in your BST 2.) You can't rip off other members' BST threads I imagine these rules are enforced to let the quality of the BST be at the forefront, and not allow members to...
  4. IGKing

    Hiring Customer Support & Social Media Virtual Assistant

    Hi there, I'm seeking to hire a social media virtual assistant from South America, ideally. I need you to be able to work standard USA hours (no Asia, Africa, or Europe applicants, please). You'll be primarily working customer support. Starting pay is $400 USD month. I'd imagine you'd work...
  5. IGKing

    Hiring Instagram Scraper

    Hi, I'm hiring an Instagram username scraper to come join one of my teams immediately. You must be able to: - scrape thousands of usernames from Instagram daily - handle dozens of different scraping projects daily - have your own system (VPS, etc), tools (massplanner, jarvee, etc), proxies...
  6. IGKing

    [FREE] IGKing’s 2022 Instagram Growth Course + 2.5 Hours of Video + Bonuses + More ➡️ Get 100K+ Followers This Year ⬅️

    Are you looking to gain Instagram followers in 2022? You've come to the right place! Watch my complete Instagram course for free! WATCH THE FULL COURSE BELOW! Click the image above to watch the course, or click here. Chapter timestamps are available in the YouTube description. Q&A...
  7. IGKing

    Creating YouTube Clips & Posting on the Same Channel a Bad Idea?

    Hi, So, I'm not a YouTube expert; however, I'm about to drop a 3 hour free Instagram course on my YouTube channel. I'm wondering if it's a bad idea to post the entire course AND THEN also post clips or excerpts from the course on the same channel? I know larger pages often have a separate...
  8. IGKing

    Looking For Social Media Virtual Assistant

    Hey there, I'm looking for a new VA to join my team. You must have some decent knowledge with Instagram. I will quiz you. Pay is $300/mo with the opportunity to getting scaled to more depending how efficient you are. Work is 20 hours per week max. No data entry. All creative stuff. My top VA...
  9. IGKing

    They're supposed to lead us to the metaverse?

    We're fucked.
  10. IGKing

    What kind of headphones do you use?

    I'm slowly becoming an audiophile, I think. All thanks to an Aussie drummer who yells at iPods. I just got a pair of HIFIMAN Sundara's today, and I'm loving them. I'm rotating between those and my Sennheiser HD6XX's. I've been using a Schiit Modi + Magni dac/amp combo to drive them, and I...
  11. IGKing

    This Video Destroyed NFTs

    The number one video on r/Videos right now. "Coffeezilla interviews the man who built NFTBay, the site where you can pirate any NFT: Geoffrey Huntley explains why he did it, what NFTs are and why it's all a scam in its present form" Any rebuttals?
  12. IGKing

    Instagram Wants You to Create New Accounts for Your Interests & Put the People You Want to See in Your Close Friends List

    What a garbage, messy app Instagram has become. Instead of fixing the obvious mess of an algorithm that Instagram has created, Instagram would rather have you fix it yourself by creating various accounts and adding the important people into your Close Friends list. What a disgrace. This will...
  13. IGKing

    Instagram Working On Bringing Back Chronological Order

    I called this yesterday, and they made the announcement today that it's potentially coming in 2022 on their twitter. I restored 20% of my faith in Instagram.
  14. IGKing

    How Instagram Can Fix Instagram

    Since Instagram was nice enough to fix most of the things I complained about in this thread, I thought I'd create another one. While Instagram is still massive, they are quickly losing the culture war to Tik Tok. Instagram doesn't command the culture nearly as much as it used to, so here are...
  15. IGKing

    YouTube Co-founder on the Removal of Dislikes: "Don't F$#& It Up"

    YouTube Co-founder, Jawed Karim, updated the first ever YouTube video description with the following statement regarding the removal of dislikes. I thought it was interesting, so I wanted to share it. I love the quote: "Because nothing can be great if nothing is bad." Thoughts? Hopefully we...
  16. IGKing

    Hiring SEO Consultant / SEO Expert (Google My Business, Reputation Management, Keyword Rankings)

    Hello, I'm hiring an SEO consultant for two of my clients' websites. This will include a local business & an online business. I'm not necessarily looking for a BST seller, but I'm looking for someone who can oversee the SEO on both of these projects and point me in the right direction and give...
  17. IGKing

    Full ID Verification Process for Marketplace Sellers

    Hey, For the upgraded marketplace that is getting rolled out soon, I think it should be standard procedure for all marketplace sellers to be fully ID verified before listing products for sale. While payment and invoice billing can give some level of verification to the BHW staff, I think there...
  18. IGKing

    Looking for an Instagram Scraper - Need Millions of Users Scraped

    Hi, I'm looking for someone who has experience with Instagram scraping. I need to be able to scrape users based off hashtags, locations, etc. I need their full bio scraped (URLs, emails, following count, etc). I need millions scraped. I will have daily orders in the thousands, so you will need...
  19. IGKing

    Looking for a Social Media / Instagram Assistant - Pay Starts at $XX-$XXX Per Week

    Hi, *PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE YOU PM ME* I'm looking for someone who has experience with Instagram & social media to work as one of my virtual assistants. Your main responsibility will be to manage two of my Instagram accounts. One of the accounts has over 100,000 followers, and the other...
  20. IGKing

    RIP Clubhouse 2020-2021

    Not one single influencer is sad that the drop-in, audio-only social networking app, Clubhouse, passed away recently. I’m no influencer, but I’m also glad that Clubhouse descended to an early grave. I would love to rant about all the reasons why I thought Clubhouse was a complete failure from a...