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  1. secretboy08

    A query

    After migrating to the new platform, the longer posts are minimized when quoted with a option of "click to expand" While it is good for the normal sections, but in the seo link building when we quote the reviews, they often get minimized and the effectiveness of the reviews is drastically...
  2. secretboy08

    Any recommendations on a china freight forwarder/china courier forwarded/china agent?

    We are looking for a freight forwarder or courier forwarder or china agent, whichever term you call it. The responsibility would be to receive parcels at their address from our various suppliers, put them all in a box and ship them to our country via courier like dhl or aramex. Anyone has...
  3. secretboy08

    ★★[UPTO 25% OFF]Blaze Power SEO>>>HIGH TF/DA Unique Blog Posts @$2/post + Diversity Links

    We are providing discount on all 3 packages, plus link bonus as well. To get the coupon codes, just drop us a line in the thread and we would have it sent to you. :) Some of our recent reviews: Start Ranking your websites TODAY! You can also mail us at...
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    RankBuzz SEO>>20+ Rare Link Types+Social Shares+3 TiersReview Copies Available

    Hi Fellow BHW Members, I am going to keep it short and straight to the point. If you want to rank your websites these days, you need the Power of Diverse Link Types which your competitors aren't using and in our RankBuzz SEO packages we have incorporated some of the most rare link types which...
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    Reviewers Needed for My New Diversified SEO Service.

    After Magic Rank SEO, we are going to launch our new service in 2014(Jan 1st week) and for the same, we need people who can review our service. This would be a diversified SEO service with tens of platforms and 3 tier deep along with social signals offcourse. It is completely safe for new sites...
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    [REVIEWERS] My Next BST:22+ Link Types,3 Tiers & Much More.

    Hi, We need reviewers for our new service. Some Details -3 Tier -25+ Unique Articles for Tier 1. -22+ Link Types -All work done keeping Link velocity, anchor text diversification and domains-backlinks ratio in mind. -THIS SERVICE DOES NOT INCLUDE BLOG NETWORKS OR ANY NETWORK LINKS. Reviewer...
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    Need a Banner Redesigned.Have psd

    Need a Banner Redesigned.Have psd have banner ready in one size. need to make same banner in different size. have psd files of the original banner. pls send me your skype so that we can talk more. Also I am on a short deadline,so pls contact if you can complete it in next few hours.
  8. secretboy08

    Deathbycaptcha banning accounts according to their wish?

    Solved by DeathbyCaptcha support. Happy with the turnaround time. Deathbycaptcha banning accounts according to their wish? my account got suspended and on logging in I get this msg: "We apologize for the inconvenience, but your account has been temporary suspended. Please contact support to...
  9. secretboy08

    Need a Banner designed

    Need a Banner designed animated.related to IM niche. pls drop me your skype id along with your portfolio. thank you.
  10. secretboy08

    Zenno Help Needed.Not working since 6 days.

    Hi, Have been using zenno for a long time now. But the past 6 days have been purely frustrating. Zenno isnt working with deathbycaptcha contacted deathbycaptcha support,they said to contact zenno support. sent zenno support mail with windows events log and zenno logs. they sent 2 dll files tried...
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    Magic Rank Seo>>>High PR/DA/PA Links,20+ Contextual Link Platforms,10+ Social Shares

    Some Reviews & Ranking Charts of Actual Clients :) : From # 16 to #1: From #17 to #1: From Nowhere to #9: From #219 to #23 From #25 to #7 From #14 to #5 From #25 to #6 From #219 to #23 From #14 to #5 From #25 to #6 From #11 to #4:
  12. secretboy08

    Need someone to do a small vbulletin job and a logo

    Need someone to do a small vbulletin job and a logo. A couple of small styling errors such as search button etc. And a logo. pls send me your skype so that we can talk further.
  13. secretboy08

    Hybrid Force Seo - 5 Link Types each week + Addons + Huge Serp boosts for 1 small Price

    The main aim of this service is to provide serp boosts along with link diversity.Dont risk your sites/rankings by relying on a single link type.Give your site the stability and rankings it deserves.The more link diversity you have the better the serp rankings as well as better chances of passing...
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    Happy birthday bulldogzg!

    Happy birthday bulldogzg! have a rocking day
  15. secretboy08

    Need someone to slice a psd file into images

    Need someone to slice a psd file into images. i have the specifications of the images i want and everything else. just pm me with the price and the turnaround time.
  16. secretboy08

    Wal-Mart is Behind Affiliate Taxes!

    no concrete proof of it,but the article gives an interesting perspective to the whole thing:
  17. secretboy08

    Need someone to make a simple site.Quote your prices.

    Need someone to make a simple site.Quote your prices. users need to register and then enroll themselves for participating in events. pm me to see the example. its a college site. pm me your quotes or questions.
  18. secretboy08

    What does Akismet catch your site on?IP?Comments?

    What does Akismet catch your site on?IP?Comments? my new site again was caught by akinsmet. i used different ips on each blast. each blast had no duplicate domains and urls. comments were different in each time. so how did it caught my site. this is the third domain which has gone to trash...
  19. secretboy08

    Which website is this?help me.

    i forgot the website url: it has a feature were in one column i can paste a huge list and in other two can add sufix and prefix and merge them with entire list? anyone remembers a site that does this? or any other way to do this? the list is of 25,000 rows,the sufix and prefix are same for...