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  1. Fiducia

    How to get an Estonian Bank account as non-resident?

    My company is registered in Estonia, I am a so called "e-resident" not living in Estonia. The business bank account is with Wise but not accepted by Google Adsense as not in Estonia. Any suggestions on how to get a "EExxx"-IBAN? Could be a business or a private account.
  2. Fiducia

    Fiverr can be fun & profitable

    I am on fiverr as seller for some years now and used to be an active level 2 seller, close to $20K total income. Not anymore these days as there are just too many buyers asking for $5 custom offers for work that takes an hour or so. This week, I got another order, $20 to write a selling blog...
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    Build backlinks from - several articles need additional citations

    These Wikipedia articles needs additional citations for verification. Wikipedia is asking to improve these article by adding citations to reliable sources. Give it a try!
  4. Fiducia

    Does XEvil run standalone (without XRumer)

    Does anyone know if XEvil is running standalone as a Captcha solver for GSA SER? I can see on the botmastlabs website that XEvil is sold separately but in its description it says "It’s a part of XRumer Standard license and XRumer Business license. It can’t be purchased as a standalone program."
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    [GIVEAWAY] German Content 500+ words

    Looking for unique content in German language? I'll provide you with a free article on the topic of your choice, 500+ words. Offer valid for the first 10 comments.