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  1. VolcanoMan

    Any site better than streameast? It sucks now

    Stream east is so slow now always lags and freezes. Anyone know anything better?
  2. VolcanoMan

    Taboola Manual vs Smart bid

    What do you guys use and what are your thoughts on each.
  3. VolcanoMan

    Your email list/SMS list and my funnel

    I am looking for someone with email/SMS lists, preferably partials or sales data cream of the crop type stuff. I can handle sending or you can it doesn't matter to me. 50/50 revenue split. I will crush whatever you are doing currently. I have the best funnels in the ball game I guarantee it...
  4. VolcanoMan

    I am a nutra offer 1trick. I used to crush fb ads but I can't get spend to save my life.

    Maybe I'll try some tikthot I know that has done well for some people. But seriously fb is just so god tier. What should I try boys Pinterest, TikTok, snap where do you guys think will let me blast those greasy nutra offers without too much fuss?
  5. VolcanoMan

    Your FB accounts my everything else.

    I just need Fb spend. That is all. I will turn Fb spend into infinite profit we just need a lot of accounts and a lot of spend. I have infinite debit cards so you don’t even need the payment method just the accounts. No $50/daily hard capped accounts those are a waste of time.
  6. VolcanoMan

    Dead Serious Question

    Does anyone actually get monster spend on diet/skin/muscle? I gave up long ago for the white hat nit grinder life of chewing glass and walking through hot coals for a living. I know people do get mega spend but seriously how if I put up an ad for a bottle of water I feel like Facebook is in my...
  7. VolcanoMan

    Javascript link jacker.

    I know a few guys that used to build landing pages praying people ripped them as they had JS on them that would redirect their links a small fraction of so as to not be too obvious. Does anyone know how to look out for this? What is the best way to catch it? I have tried searching for...
  8. VolcanoMan

    My Ads,DebitCards,Landers,Cloaker,Domains,Tracking... and your FB accounts(USA)

    Seriously i just need a FB account farming partner that is good. I have everything else. The best offers and verticals will prolly average 50% roi Must be USA accounts as i don't want to deal with the headaches of anything else. Also no farmers that send in IDs.
  9. VolcanoMan

    Can I expense crypto?

    I have a business and another business only takes crypto payments. The problem with this is as far as I know I have to make this payment off the books so I’m effectively paying double and then you add in fees and I’m paying over 2x. is there any way a US business can pay in crypto on the books...
  10. VolcanoMan

    Your FB accounts + my pages/offers/mediabuying/cards/money

    I just started farming again and realize how much I hate it. I have done it off/on for over 7 years and would love to focus on all the other things. It is much harder to make money these days so I would imagine there are people sitting on unused accounts. I can run white hat or blackhat but...
  11. VolcanoMan

    Farming accounts proxies vs luminati

    Haven’t farmed in a couple years and firing the accounts back up. what do you guys think is better cost effectively proxies or luminati?
  12. VolcanoMan

    Ads Creation and Facebook account creator

    I know how to make profitable ad campaigns. I know all the spytools. I know all the good networks. I know how to farm Facebook accounts as well as anyone, that’s actually how I got started. I can make/copy best presale pages and landers. I know how to use voluum and cloakers. I can get infinite...
  13. VolcanoMan

    Ads cost 1.3mm a click these days how is anyone surviving?

    Seriously ad traffic is so damn expensive how is anyone making a nickel for their grandma at this point?
  14. VolcanoMan

    Making money with Tensorflow and Pytorch

    I have been in marketing for a while and have been fooling around with pytorch models. The products that exists right now for A.I. at least for facebook ads and the like is just so poor. All the products i have found are literally just tracking ads you or anyone already created and found out...
  15. VolcanoMan

    Anything new in the social sphere?

    So yea anything new out there guys? Not interested in hearing about sky high stonks or crypto frenzy and ad costs are in the stratosphere currently and I can wait for them to come back down to earth. Where are people not looking at right now? It seems like everywhere I look there's a line... to...
  16. VolcanoMan

    WhiteHat Traffic Report 2020

    Just talking out loud hear, I have a bunch of work to do trying out new sources but just wanted to let you guys know what I'm seeing and wondering what you guys are seeing. Facebook and google- are the standard razor margin slough grind. Good scale thin margins they're the gold standard...
  17. VolcanoMan

    Facebook Ad Accounts Getting Capped

    This $50 per day account spending cap is super annoying. All my accounts im trying to ramp my account past $50/day and it won't. Does anyone know how to get around this? This is pretty new so i'm not counting on a reliable answer. But if anyone has any ideas or workaround lmk. Thanks
  18. VolcanoMan

    Super low conversion rate.

    I have very low conversion rates running diet ads on FB. I use the best lander that i know everyone uses and ive tested every age/demo. Ive ran 3000 index clicks all from facebook newsfeed and reved like 4k in the past month or 2, its a total joke. $1.30 EPCs :( Maybe my hosting is bricking...
  19. VolcanoMan

    What is the deal with facebook?

    I want to talk about safe spends. I've done to first billing($25), 2nd bill($75). Some people have told me to go even more, like hundreds in safe spend. I've also heard time is important, i've heard 2-4 weeks is optimum. There are just so many variables when you factor in page likes, clicks to...
  20. VolcanoMan

    Facebook Farmers... How are the waters looking?

    I have heard things are rough, but I've seen some success recently. Just wondering how you guys are faring in this ever changing fb farming landscape. MY EXPERIENCE RECENTLY: Facebook is asking for a lot of upload pics these days, burner numbers seem to be about as worthless as ever. Other...