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  1. dizz

    want to start a skype group for ebay/amazon sellers

    OK well i think we sellers on these sites and there are others with all the things going on here now we as ebay and more sellers need to be able to talk about current events whats hot and BH methods that we can work on or share also talk about stock and drop shipping.I have been at this for yrs...
  2. dizz

    looking for people to promote links

    I have items on ebay that i would like people to see so I have links that I would like sent out let me know what you can do and how fast you can get the links out Dizz
  3. dizz

    **GIVE-AWAY** FREE thirty (30) VCCs

    30 FREE VCC GIVEAWAY!!! Hello BHW, I am testing out my new tool that makes VCCs. I don't know how well they work, or for how long. The ones I've used myself have worked but I've only tested a few. That's what I need you all for, testing out new VCCs and letting me know on the thread if they...
  4. dizz

    A new site i have

    Now I think I have a good name for a page for sales but I am not great with finding out how to find out more about the name. I would like to know how to look I know about the basics just is there anything new i might need to check and i have not posted the name because I dont know if I can...
  5. dizz

    looking for a link promoted....

    Looking for a freelancer to send traffic to an eBay auction. Tell me your approach and quote a price. Real traffic is required for a test run of a new business experiment I'm working on, and I'm interested to see what your plans are to approaching this problem. Dizz
  6. dizz

    looking for ebay and more sellers

    I was thinking since the sellers on here send me more pms than i can keep up with at times I thought a skype group would be a help if you in send your skype here please Dizz
  7. dizz

    i am in need of a few dropshippers

    Looking to get with a few drop shippers and show how easy it is to start an income in a thread so if you drop ship send me your skype or list so I can get started Thank you Dizz
  8. dizz

    Hello Old Friends

    For the ones of you that knew me had some idea about how sick I was becoming and for the last few years that has ruled my life.I thought long and hard if I wanted to come back and start new and take care of things that where left undone.In my absence I have endured 8 more operations and expect...
  9. dizz

    I want to build the next great wholesale list.....

    Hello BHW I have been gone for sometime and you guys have filled my pms with your requests for wholesalers. So in this thread please post what you would like see listed but please remember we are just starting with what should be on there I will try to get to everyone's wishes the best i can. Dizz
  10. dizz

    Hello let me introduce myself

    I have been gone for several years more maybe had to get my life back together and attend to my health.Now that I am back on I will be talking about new sources for wholesale and cheap items for resale its all about buying cheap and selling high no matter what it is your doing There is all kinds...
  11. dizz

    my 1900th post I must talk too much

    hello everyone well it looks like this is 1900 times I have posted something on this site in their official count so that's amazing that I'm still around. Well I was lucky enough to get five websites offered to me by a member he knows I'm giving away because really I'm too busy to deal with the...
  12. dizz

    Hello all you CPA people

    today I wanted to ask what makes this CPA stand out from the crowd is there certain things that you look for when you're choosing a CPA are you just using a CPA because other people think it's the one to go to. And I'd like to know how much support you actually get from a CPA company are the...
  13. dizz

    Dumb Question

    this is a dumb question from me but I cant find in the rules about putting up a affiliate link on here have something I want to share but is a link that helps me can some one tell me where the rules about that is. Dizz:eek:
  14. dizz

    Needed blog comments

    Well that jst about say it I need a bunch of comments for an affiliate code in a url and I will need it changed several times Dizz
  15. dizz

    I need help with some WP sites

    I need to work out a deal with a person who would like to make a easy custom WP site for a band I am sure we can work out a trade of a fair deal that will put you on the winning end of this I just need to have it have the logo as the back ground a place for photos and a music player.Just post...
  16. dizz

    A truth revealed

    Well wtf its true Dizz:eek:
  17. dizz

    This is the right way to die

  18. dizz

    Time for halloween

    what will you wear or do to your pet time to show past and future Dizz:eek:
  19. dizz

    Some motivation

  20. dizz

    this is funny but true