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  1. Peter Ngo


    FAQ: What is the TAT? Starter: 7-10 days. Small: 10-13 days. Medium: 15-20 days. Large: 20-25 days. Do you accept non english sites? Yes, but the content we use will be in english. How many URLs/ keywords per order? We suggest 1 URL + 5 keywords per orders, but if you know what you are...
  2. Peter Ngo

    All HTTP Pages/ Websites Will Be Marked As Unsecured By Chrome Next Month

    Hey guys, I think it is time we start moving everything over to HTTPs if you haven't. "July is shaping up to be a big month for Google. Earlier this month, the company announced its Speed Update set to roll out in July, and today announced it will then also mark all sites that have not...
  3. Peter Ngo

    [Method] How To Rank Top 10 EASILY & INSTANTLY

    Guys, you might think I am kidding but this work 100%. First you go to your new Google search console by clicking Try the New Search Console: Once you are in your new Google Search Console, you then click Recrawl Now (new feature) on the left: You should see ranking boost within 10'...
  4. Peter Ngo

    Mobile SEO Guide from Brian Dean

    This guide answer a lot of my questions about Mobile first indexing and how to optimise for it. Some of you might find it useful:
  5. Peter Ngo

    How This Doggo Motivates Me With His Inpirational Speech

    Tank You and ahve good day
  6. Peter Ngo

    Google Speed Update - Make sure you site(s) is/are optimized.

    Recent Google announcement about this Speed update: Official documentation on the update:
  7. Peter Ngo

    The Upcoming Google Search Console Update Is Gonna Be Sexy!

    So to sum it up: 16 months of search analytic data (I am wet) AMP Report Improved index reporting And a new badass looking UX. Thoughts?
  8. Peter Ngo


    FAQs What is the TAT? Since most submissions are manually made, the TAT is usually about 20-25 days. Do you accept non english sites? Yes, but the content we use will be in english. How many URLs/ keywords per order? Only 1 URL and up to 3 keywords per order for Gold Package Up to 2 URLs...
  9. Peter Ngo

    HTML Web Development Crash Course - Perfect for Newbies

    This is a pretty good course if you know nothing about HTML and need some spoonfeeding. Click here for 100% off in Udemy. It only covers basic HTML/CSS/JS stuffs so if you already know that already, this probably won't worth your time. Anyway, enjoy.
  10. Peter Ngo

    [195$-->Free] Amazon FBA and Private Label Products - The Complete Course!

    I watched a few videos of this course and it is actually pretty useful. Use this link for the 100% off Udemy Course. Do let me know if you have any issue.
  11. Peter Ngo

    [Course] WordPress Complete Beginners Master Guide

    I found this course that is currently running 100% off promotion in Udemy, some of you might find it useful. Use this link for 100% off.
  12. Peter Ngo

    [Course] Keyword Research: The Complete Pro Guide A to Z + Free Tools

    Some of you might find this course useful, please use this link for 100% off in Udemy. Please do let me know if you have any issue.
  13. Peter Ngo

    [100% Off] Crypto Currency & BlockChain Course

    Some of you might find this course useful: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Essentials Please note that I haven't watched any video of this course and have no clue how good this is.
  14. Peter Ngo

    Bring the stars system back!

    Do you remember how glorious Mods/ Admins looked back then? Bring it back!
  15. Peter Ngo

    Firefox got rid of Yahoo Search and replace it with Google as its default search engine

    Roughly three years ago, Yahoo and Mozilla announced that Yahoo would be the default search engine on Firefox in the US. That relationship ended early when Mozilla released the much-improved Firefox Quantum browser last month, with Google as the default search provider...
  16. Peter Ngo

    Guys, don't be stupid like me and use spun content on your PBN

    So long story short, today i found about 4 domains of mine got deindexed, i am still unsure if i got reported since it only has less than 5 posts and only 1-2 posts has spun content. i added 2 of them to WMT and i got this message on both: Pure spam Pages on this site appear to use aggressive...
  17. Peter Ngo

    This is why you should STAY AWAY from "no sample" networks

    A few weeks ago, i stumbled and was interested in a 100RD + DA15+ and TF15+ network that i found in BHW marketplace for quite a cheap price. 50% off and blah blah all that. So i was curious and asked for a sample, i was sent 2 samples and things got really interesting First domain: Here is...
  18. Peter Ngo

    Does Super Seller Tag in Flippa hold any weight?

    Hey guys, I have been playing with Flippa for awhile, found some nice sites there, but can't help but notice there is a high amount of too good to be true deal. Some from very high profiled Super Seller with over 150k - 1m revenue (100% positive review). Funny that i spend most of my time...
  19. Peter Ngo

    Is it me or this looks creepy af?

    From yesterday i noticed a decrease in traffic so i went to check if anything wrong with algoroo, and i saw this. Anyone experience anything odd? or nothing at all?
  20. Peter Ngo

    Need help with Vultr, seems like firewall problem

    Hey guys, Well today i got fucked real bad by vultr support team. Long story short, they ahve been rebooting my server for whatever reason numerous times in the past 2 weeks, today they did that again, and recommended me to let them move my server to another hardware, i agreed. After the...