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  1. Pilfer7

    FOR SALE: 5 Site PBN - 3xPR4's, 1PR2, 1PR1 | IMMEDIATE DELIVERY | $599

    I have a 5 site Private Blog Network for sale. It's brand new and was built specifically to be sold 3 PR4's 1 PR2 1 PR1 Avg. PR 3 Avg. TF 23.2 Avg. CF 23.2 Avg. PA 30.4 Avg. DA 18.2 The links are all good, clean and without spam. I haven't built a single link to any of these sites so the...
  2. Pilfer7

    GoDaddy 99 cent .COM Registration and Transfer

    Just used this url to register a .COM for 99 cents, you can use it for transfers also I believe you can only do 1 domain, or maybe it's only 1 at a time, I don't know I haven't tried to use it again. And I dont think you can use PayPal with this deal...
  3. Pilfer7

    Why are GAMBLING links frowned upon

    unless you are specifically in that business it seems everyone tries to stay away from gambling links like they are the plague why? Is there some official word I missed where Google said gambling links are bad or is it really just another SEO myth?
  4. Pilfer7

    Canada Residents - PR5 DA37 PA47 up for auction today

    I know the price could shoot up at the last minute but I've seen several good domains go on godaddy this morning for damn cheap. seen 2 good PR4's go for around $100 each. anyway this one is a .ca (Canada) domain, currently priced at $50 PR5 DA37 PA47 it's got some juicy backlinks too Somebody...
  5. Pilfer7

    cMafia Interviews BassTrackerBoats from BHW. Listen

    Commerce Mafia speaks with Greg Wilson (BassTrackerBoats) who started in Internet Marketing in 2006 after retiring from the regular workforce. Greg touches on his prolific writing ability, what he thinks is the very first thing you should focus on when entering IM, being the guy who created...
  6. Pilfer7

    cMafia Interview with GiftGuru from BHW

    sup guys and gals I did an interview with GiftGuru on my new site. He talks about his beginnings with e-commerce, his success with social media marketing and more. Check it out
  7. Pilfer7

    My first Re-Targeting Campaign - Partial Results

    If you read Wasted's thread here, everyone who is saying you need tons of money to do this is wrong. I've been doing it since April 3, after reading his post. I didn't...
  8. Pilfer7

    Gonna buy Hybrid Connect, any affiliates here want the comission?

    If u are a Hybrid Connect affiliate, shoot me your link, I'm going to buy it. I'm buying the $50 version ASAP
  9. Pilfer7

    Who needs the commission? I'm ordering $150 worth of stuff on Amazon

    I'm Ordering Around $150 worth of stuff on Amazon in the next few hours and would be happy to give someone the commission. Would prefer it to be an actively involved newbie or someone who hasn't had the best of luck making money yet. Whoever wants to pm me their site that has Amazon aff links...
  10. Pilfer7

    What languages do you speak?

    For me Fluently - English that's it What about you?
  11. Pilfer7

    Ranking Youtube vids - does an embed count the same as a backlink?

    Trying to come up with a solid ranking program and want to know about backlinking to a youtube vid. Does embedding a youtube vid on a site count the same as a simple backlink to the video or what? thx
  12. Pilfer7

    I'm $2.76 away from my first $50 day. A bit over 6 hours to go

    Need another order to come in, doubt the adsense will do it for me. Not bragging as my days can range from 50 cents to only $3 - $4. Today is a good day, hope it's good for you guys too.
  13. Pilfer7

    Need VPS, does GSA - imacros - firefox, work on Cent OS boxes?

    New to VPS's and don't know anything about operating systems I want to get a cheap VPS but don't have any experience with any os's other than windows xp. Found some cheap boxes on lowendboxes that are based in the USA that are priced from $5 to $7, but most are cent os. ANybody know if these...
  14. Pilfer7

    I'm Ordering $30 worth of stuff from Amazon today, any newbies want the commission?

    If so pm me your site, I will go to your site, click on your amazon referral link and then order what I need to get. Only ordering around $30 worth of stuff. Would prefer it to be a newbie who hasn't made any commissions from amazon yet, but I need to do it today.
  15. Pilfer7

    iMacros Adsense Login Bot

    I'm new to imacros and just making some simple bots to learn. This one Takes you to google clicks "sign in" enters your email enters your password signs you in clicks your name in top right hand corner selects "account" selects "products" on left side menu selects "adsense" which for me is the...
  16. Pilfer7

    E-Junkie Free 67 Day Trial Not my website, but I opted in and it worked, don't think I have received a single piece of mail from the guy since, so he isn't going to spam you after getting the code from him. 67 Day free trial of e-junkie (I think the normal free trial is 14 days). Anyone...
  17. Pilfer7

    Is Yahoo getting rammed in the backside?

    havent been able to login for hours, anyone else getting this?
  18. Pilfer7

    Which word is more persuasive? Consultation or Coaching?

    Gonna aim to do some skype, phone consultations. Wondering what you all think sounds offer Consultations or to offer Coaching either way the content will be the same. Thanks
  19. Pilfer7

    Score Card Research Pop Up On BHW. ANyone else getting this

    i just got a "scorecard research" pop up while browsing the site, anyone else get that, or am I infected?? :eek5:
  20. Pilfer7


    Been a lurker for a while. First time I came to this forum years ago I thought i would get a virus simply by being Let's have fun and make some money!