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  1. Fiducia

    bhw accounts farming in full force

    Maybe Xrumer 23 beta testing?
  2. Fiducia

    Redirect 301 from expired domains

    Not only that it works from expired domains, you can also use 301s from beautiful .edu and other high DR domains. I'm using GSA Redirect for such and country specific links, works like a charm.
  3. Fiducia

    Does XEvil run standalone (without XRumer)

    Thanks. That's the case in beta 6 I understand. I purchased the entire pack and am running Xevil v5 now which needs Xrumer for license verification.
  4. Fiducia

    Buy IPv6 Proxy ✅ For Google, Social Media, etc. ✅ Bulk Purchase ✅ 1000x IPv6 = 10$ - 500x IPv6 = 7$ ✅

    Be it proxies, accounts, licenses - we1 delivers! I am not affiliated in any way but share my experience of the past couple of months. One of the very sellers with no BS but results.
  5. Fiducia

    Any good contabo alternatives?

    Have you come to a decision? Contabo just announced a price increase - the only email you'll receive are from their "Chief Revenue Officer" LOL.
  6. Fiducia

    How does fiverr detect multiple fiverr accounts

    What is the point of having multiple accounts? Giving positive reviews yourself?
  7. Fiducia

    Tools to automatically add internal links

    Another beauty with linkwhisper is that you can automate the link building by inserting records into the WP database. Perfect for bulk upload / AI content.
  8. Fiducia

    translated vs generated AI content

    Why not using Selenium browser with the web interface of the translator then?
  9. Fiducia

    translated vs generated AI content

    Ever thought of Selenium?
  10. Fiducia

    translated vs generated AI content

    The web interface in the $9/m Pro Plan has a "fair usage" limit only. 1 mio characters translates to 125.000 words in my language, approx 100 articles.
  11. Fiducia

    How do you find expired domains with high DA? + moz api, prepostseo, seo rank ...
  12. Fiducia

    Puppeteer bot help

    Stackoverflow and github teach you different. But it's not my money being spent for reinventing the wheel, so I don't care.
  13. Fiducia

    Puppeteer bot help

    $10 to write a small javascript is nothing but realistic.
  14. Fiducia

    Puppeteer bot help

    Spend $10 on upwork to get hire coder. But don't expect him to watch videos.
  15. Fiducia

    translated vs generated AI content

    Go with deepl if you need good translations. Using their webinterface at €9/month is a cheaper option than the API for bulk volumes. If quality is not your main concern, use NLLB 200 3.3B. There are various fixed price offers for it.
  16. Fiducia

    Best article rewriter with API?

    I fully agree with you and am a happy paying customer of the deepl API. Another, cheaper but slower and limited, option is the Pro subscription through the webinterface and a Selenium script.
  17. Fiducia

    What's your favourite physical hobby?

    Lucky you. It is the other way around with my dog and I am happy when I can finally stop creeping out of the canals ... No need for any further physical exercises.
  18. Fiducia

    Email from Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit : what should I don’t

    I have a similar case on my desk, not from the "police" but from a UK law firm. They claim trade mark rights on a .com domain in my portfolio. Tough luck my company is a EU registered company and the trade mark only registered in UK (now). So, I answered the GBP 1000 claim with a EUR 5000 offer...
  19. Fiducia

    Email from Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit : what should I don’t

    UK is no longer in the EU, why should they quote a .eu website as reference? ;)