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  1. Jude Telan

    Filipino to English translator

    Guys, do you know a Wordpress plugin that could scrape articles from a website and translates them into readable English? I'm having a hard time looking for one. Thank you.
  2. Jude Telan

    E-commerce website content question

    Many of dropshipping tips that i've read all over BHW include content optimization, and I always wonder: How do you generate phrases such phrases to improve sales and where do you get images that are more unique (i've read tips not to use images from the seller) Thank you guys.
  3. Jude Telan

    Philippine suppliers

    anyone out there that supplies in the Philippines? planning to make a local dropshipping store. what products do you sell and are there any catalogues? thank you
  4. Jude Telan

    AliDropship Plugin/Custom Store

    Does anybody here purchased a custom store from AliDropship? I have a few questions, since I've read various threads concerning the plugin itself, some say negative things about the plugin and some have their own success stories. 1. Which do you think is better, creating your own site using...
  5. Jude Telan

    Good evening!

    I've been on IM for a few years ca.2011 then i got busy so I stopped. I came back to this forum since I know that this forum gave me lots of info last time and now I want to pursue IM again. Cheers gentlemen. :)