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  1. wow99

    Godaddy Renewal Codes

    Any renewal codes on Godaddy? Thanks in advance!
  2. wow99

    Godaddy on CJ... No Sales?

    Hi everyone, I have started promoting Go daddy from CJ on Friday, since then i have around 270 clicks and 0 sales? Anyone know what is the issue and who to contact? Thanks in advance
  3. wow99

    PHP Coder

    As the title says I'm looking for PHP coder for small piece of work. Please Pm or share your skype. Thanks
  4. wow99

    100$ Scam-That is Huge money for Some People!

    Here is a little info of what really happened. I found him on here asking for cj script which he promised to deliver as you can read them on skype logs screenshot. Now he ran away with my money which was pretty much expected. I opened a dispute but it's gone into his favour as paypal don't take...
  5. wow99

    0.99$ Domains

    Let's hope i'm the first one who posted this one. I was just been told and I am sharing it with you guys. You can buy unlimited with credit card unlike others where is a limit of 1 per domain. Cheers :D
  6. wow99

    Php Coder

    As the title says, I'm looking for an expert php coder. Only serious people please. Thank you
  7. wow99

    Hi Everyone

    I am new in here. I am hoping to learn a lot from you guys. Cheers and Have a nice day! :)