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  1. Univa

    I have a fake author persona , can i get approval for adsense?

    Almost all my blogs have fake persona and images from thispersondoesnotexist never faced any issues and all approved on all major ad networks. I doubt they care if person exists or not.
  2. Univa

    ✅ If you have $500 and your basic needs are taken care of, what online business you would/could build?

    Havent checked Amazon Merch but earlier it was invite only, is it still same or we get direct access now.
  3. Univa

    Has Tailwind jacked up its pricing?

    I grabbed yearly plan for Tailwind, I assume 10 Bucks one only and got like 200 schedule per month. But I would suggest instead get a Canva Pro account from here it would cost you 7 bucks one time and you can easily schedule pins from it too. Only reason I grabbed Tailwind, thinking its Create...
  4. Univa

    What would you do with this pinterest account?

    I would suggest not to sell, I dont know how the Pinterest accounts are appraised but from the things I dont think the account is worth more than $100 Better grow some analytics, and then it would be worth 50x or 100x of what I said.
  5. Univa

    The Ultimate YouTube Shorts Guide ✅ TikTok Video Scraper + Downloader Included ▶️ Run Automated Shorts Channels! ◀️ [60% OFF BHW DISCOUNT]

    Proxies I am using InstantProxies and able to download tiktok videos easily
  6. Univa

    What would you do with this pinterest account?

    So from the looks of things you started on that project claimed the website and dumped the project Maybe try starting it again. and Also when it was on peak how much traffic were you able to pull on the site from pinterest or you never tried that?
  7. Univa

    Social Media Management Software Advice

    I haven't seen any browser-based automation tool focusing on all the social media mostly its single single Best option would be to pick up Jarvee or maybe a custom bot which you can install over VPS and then have a control panel or something might most you a lot but its doable
  8. Univa

    Does Pinterest Ban The Accounts With Stolen Articles? (Pins are unique)

    Did you personally encountered that or just read somewhere?
  9. Univa

    Pinterest Pin Images Needed

    Looking for someone who can create Pinterest Pin images in Food and Recipe Niche. Have - 70 URL Need - 5 Images per URL So overall 350 images. I can share some paid templates too which I purchased for the same purpose. Please quote pricing and PM for other queries.
  10. Univa

    ❌❌⭐ UNLEASH THE POWER OF QUORA & REDDIT ⭐ Not Just a Backlink! ✅ Great for EAT and Diversification ✅ Drive Quality Traffic ✅❌❌

    Received Quora Link for this Review Well, this guy knows what he is doing and he is doing it with perfection. Stan provided a quora link that has the top-notch detailed answer with proper link placement, images. I do not see any issues which I can point in the service provided, while...
  11. Univa


    Have not personally used Pinflux, was in Pinterest game when Pinblaster was active but left it in between. So its all about testing and then scaling things
  12. Univa

    Create self-updating news sites in any niche | Newsomatic WordPress Plugin & NewsomaticAPI

    Please send any discount code you are offering. Besides I am also interested in your Recipeomatic plugin but is there anyway it can push the content to other plugin like Cooked or something similar do you have any information around it?
  13. Univa

    Business account yes or no?

    If its a Brand account, always YES you will be able to unlock lot of things which can help you understand what is working well. And how you can improve to drive more traffic to website.
  14. Univa


    any Bot will only help you with automating a task, It won't churn out money for you as you start. So the only best option would be to invest in a bot if you have a method that is working for you and now the next option is scaling it up.
  15. Univa

    What are the recommended software to create videos?

    Davinci resolve or Filmora. Have been using Filmora only for normal edits here and there.
  16. Univa

    Jarvee VS Socinator. Which one is best?

    Here's my 2 cents. If you dont care about accounts and want to SPAM Socinator. If you care for accounts and want to keep them running for long Jarvee
  17. Univa

    Serprising - Possibly The Best Content Writing Thread On BHW - 6+ Years - Free Review Copies

    Received a review copy of 500 words article. Straight out of the bat, It is what it is. You get what is promised. Pretty high quality and researched content with proper opening, bullet points, and a perfect conclusion to end it. The article is 100% unique and with literally no grammatical...
  18. Univa

    ⛔DON’T TRY TO FOOL GOOGLE IN 2k22 ⭐ Long-Term SEO Strategy ⭐ Crowdo Links ⭐ From $7/link ✅ FREE TRIAL

    Received 3 links as part of a review copy. Pretty solid links I would say, can def. see how much effort has been spent on just 3 links. Content and link placements is also something that has been stressed. Overall these are some links that one should have apart from PBNs and GuestPosts to have...
  19. Univa

    ✅ Get Ultimate 100% Targeted Traffic from Quora Marketing | Boost Sales & Traffic | Fast Delivery | ❤️ DISCOUNTED

    Got a Review copy of 10 Quora Answers from OP. What I liked about the Service: Answers were well written, not plagiarized. All answers had a good amount of upvotes as promised on the sales page. What I didn't like about the Service: All answers were done from a single account, and all...