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  1. DTjai

    Journey to 1,000 visitors per month by creating an Authority Website

    Hey there, This will be a journey for my blog to document my process and to see where it leads. Currently, I am gaining around 100 visitors per month and hope to increase it to 1k per month. Gaining 49% last this pace, I believe I can reach this goal in 6 months' time. My current...
  2. DTjai

    Do you use featured images on your pages?

    Usually I only do this for posts, but should you do it for pages as well? Or do you usue the normal image adder at the beginning instead? I find the featured image has less flexibility to customize for example the size (it simply stretches it).
  3. DTjai

    After 3 months of hard work and being accepted by Adsense...

    After getting denied for a new blog of mine and working on it for 3 months... THIS is what I got on day 1 after getting accepted. The dream is real, never give up boys.
  4. DTjai

    How to Monetize a fact niche besides ads?

    Hey guys, Aside from the usual adsense/ezone for monetizing a fact based niche... what else would you choose? Are there even offers available or should you try guest posting/backlink selling? Let me know here below..
  5. DTjai

    Quiz Website Journey to $100 a day

    Hi there, Personally I love journeys as they help me track how I'm performing. Most of the journeys have been fails to small successes with one moderately successful ($68 a day at the top). Hopefully this will be the one where I hit $100 a day. So far in the journey: Got a quiz website from...
  6. DTjai

    Looking for someone who can find a dropshipping product + audit website.

    Looking for someone who can find products which have a good potential to sell well. A plus is if you can audit to see what needs to be fixed with a website as well(or prevents sales). Please let me know price, time needed and services.
  7. DTjai

    Are more recent statistics more important or...

    Is data from a longer period of time more important? For example I am comparing 7 day an 30 day data on my tracker and while the 30 day data says a particular ad is negative roi the 7 day stats say it is a positive one. What would you do in this case?
  8. DTjai

    Journey to Reaching $100 profit a day with Native Ads

    Hey guys, Native ads have caught my attention lately and that's why I have been experimenting with them for around 2-3 weeks now(as a complete beginner at this).. With this journey I am going to learn more about native ads and gain some knowledge from more experienced members while inspiring...
  9. DTjai

    How to spot fake traffic within bemob with popunders?

    Do you look for high ctr% like 20% or is there another way to find them? Looking to optimize my traffic.
  10. DTjai

    Getting an error "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX"

    As the title says, I am trying to promote a peerfly offer and tracking it through bemob. However, using the test conversion wizard I get a "A click could not be found; userXXXXXX".. does anyone know what the possible cause is and how to fix this? I'm trying to use popads if that matters as well
  11. DTjai

    Good Link management/outreach CRM right now?

    Hey guys, Does anyone know of a good link management / outreach CRM that works great right now? I was looking at buzzstream but they don't seem to have a feature that limits what a user can view. I wouldn't want someone who works for me remotely to just copy my whole link database so a feature...
  12. DTjai

    Expired Domains Backlinks Question

    Heya guys, Seeking some advice as this is not my forte and some of you might be really good at hunting domains... So I have been hunting for expiring domains to build for a project of mine. After hunting for a while I have found a few domains that seemed promising but the backlinks is not...
  13. DTjai

    Do you like it when a domain has the word review in it?

    Do you think it helps a review site or is it counterproductive?
  14. DTjai

    [Journey] Growing and Monetizing Instagram to $100 a Day

    The Objective The goal of this journey will be to reach 25k followers with an Instagram account within a specific niche. When this is reached I will start to monetize it through selling affiliate items. Hopefully I will reach $100 a day with this method. The method I will grow 1 account...
  15. DTjai

    What stops you from making your first money online?

    For example you are a freelancer,starting business or want to start a website. What stops you from starting this day? Is it the fear of success, the barrier of entry or some other reason? Let me know your reasons.
  16. DTjai

    What are some features you look for when searching for an affiliate program?

    As the title says, what makes you look twice at an affiliate program? Is it the payout time, payout %, affiliate tools or something else? Curious to see what your answers are.
  17. DTjai

    Looking for people with a patreon account

    Hi there, Looking for people with aPatreon account to boost the amount of patrons. Willing to do a pledge for pledge of $1 or $5 or pay you for it to boost initial patrons. With paying I will give you $2 profits per pledge. Looking for more $1 pledges then $5. Please pm me or post here below...
  18. DTjai

    Any crypto groups worth joining?

    Are there any crypto groups for discussion or news that you guys are in that are worth joining? Friendly regards, Danny
  19. DTjai

    Need help with table of contents linking

    Hi there, Thank you for your time helping me out. At this moment I am writing a pillar article and would like to link to various subtopics through the table of contents. I use wordpress and am using this code: Table of contents: <a href="#Topic1">Topic1</a> <a href="#Topic2">Topic2</a> <a...
  20. DTjai

    [Journey] Not just another Viral Website to $100 a day

    Introduction Lately I have been looking for a new adventure in IM and came upon viral news sites around here. In my opinion general ones tend to be hard to make profitable because of saturation. This is why I have chosen to do a few small twists by making a viral website combined with value...