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  1. misuh

    Movie site: reviving domain after few months?

    Hello, I have some movie domains that weren’t live for the last few months, and I want to start working again from the beginning on them. Would domain rank/juice be the same as before? Would I be penalized? Sandbox? Thanks
  2. misuh

    Travel niche: need ideas?

    Hello, If I enjoy travelling & writing about it but don’t have a budget to travel and write about my experiences, what sub niches should I chase on travel niche that doesn’t require actual travelling. Thank you guys
  3. misuh

    PORN TUBE Question: Traffic?

    Hello guys, Can someone inspire me with some ideas to generate traffic to a porn tube? It's a general one, maybe I should've started with niche one but I bought a 6 month old domain with a pretty good brand name and I would like to scale it. I was thinking of reddit/ but can someone...
  4. misuh

    Google Webmaster Problem - Not verified for property?

    Hello guys, I have a big problem that prevents me from making money. I just received an email a few weeks ago that my pop ads will stop working on chrome on 19 of January because of intrusive ads from a reputable ad network. The thing is , when I'm trying to look into the abusive experiences...
  5. misuh

    Reddit Promoter for OF

    Hello, I want to hire 1-2 people to take care of reddit promotion of two onlyfans models. PM me for more info
  6. misuh

    Paypal Account Banned - How to fix?

    Hello, I sold some digital services online until I reached some limits. After this, I was asked for documents and all send all of them. They told me into the chat they will review in 3-5 days. After a few minutes, when I'm trying to enter Resolution Center I received a message that my account...
  7. misuh

    Question: How to find specific code in FTP and remove it?

    Hello, Someone just introduced some codes to test some ads on my website and I can't reach him so he can delete them. What is the best way to find the ad codes in FTP ? I tried using inspect element on Chrome but it didn't help. I looked all over the files - can't find those damn codes...
  8. misuh

    Porn Tube in 2021? What's your opinion?

    Hello, Many people are saying that "porn tube" is so hard these days and oversaturated - can you tell me if niche ones actually really work ? I'm looking into porn niche starting with some tubes (2 at first) to do some proper on-page seo like title, description, free backlinks where it's...
  9. misuh

    Instagram Reels Algorithm?

    Hello, Does Instagram Reels uses account sim card location to provide the content in that specific country like Tik Tok or is it somehow different? Can someone explain me how the algorithm works? Thank you!
  10. misuh

    Reddit is banning me everytime!!

    Hello, Does someone now why I have also a new account banned on reddit after few hours without even posting or interacting? At first, I thought I may have my ip banned - so I told my internet provider to change my static IP - but the problem is still here. I also use proxies - same problem...
  11. misuh


    Hello, I know maybe it was questioned before, but I'm also willing to pay to know how to post on these parasites :
  12. misuh

    Questions: PBNs?!

    Hello everyone, I'm into a movie site journey and I would like to know your opinion about creating my own PBN network and what budget should I expect. As I read, you won't get much link juice from the PBN's on this marketplace because they are full of spammy links and if you really want good...
  13. misuh

    Question: How to manage GSC and Analytics > 5 websites?

    Hello guys, I'm having more than 5 websites of same niche, just different domains. I want to ask you what should I do in order to avoid IP detection or anything else, as if one of my websites gets penalized to avoid getting all of them. Currently, I have bought gmail pva accounts for each...
  14. misuh

    Marketplace posts under review?

    Hello, I have my marketplace posts under review on Facebook every time. Maybe someone reported my products as I researched. Tried from different accounts, different IPs, every time the post are under review and after 24h they decline my posts again. I'm selling electronics from long time and...
  15. misuh

    Movie Streaming Site Journey [Road to Freedom] GOAL: 5k $ per month

    Hello guys. This is my main journey and the most important that will [hopefully] give me the financial freedom I'm looking for. A little history: So, from the age of 15, I made money by uploading online movies on different websites in my country. I was just emailing people and telling them I...
  16. misuh

    Snapzu invites anyone?

    Hello, does anyone has one snapzu invite? Thank you so much!
  17. misuh

    How to post on instructure?

    Hello, I see lot of parasites from movie niche on this website : How can I also create an account for this kind of website? Thank you!
  18. misuh

    Looking for: Cheap Social Media Influencers

    Hello, Does anyone know the best place where I can get some shoutouts, posts, especially on tik tok and twitter from USA social media micro-influencers for good prices? Budget between 5-30$ per link (depending on engagement) I tried on the websites that I found on google but didn't have much...
  19. misuh

    RankerX results?

    Hello guys. Where I can see the export list of what rankerX created ? I want a full list of all profiles that have been made so I can give them tier 2 links in order to index. Thanks
  20. misuh

    Link Building - Does it matter if on www1. ?

    Hello, I see there are different DA/PA's on my 2 domains : the main one domain.xx and the one I created www1. domain.xx to reappear on google. What I wanted to ask you: when I'm doing backlinking, should I focus on the www1. domain which is google indexed or domain.xx ? Does it matter ? Do they...